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Matters of Size – How One Company Wants to Standardize Penile Measurement


As the use of penis enlargers become more mainstream, many men have begun to use them as a way to both increase size, improve shape and boost their sexual self-esteem. No matter what compels a man to begin using an enlargement device, tracking progress is obviously an important part of the process.

One company in Stockholm recently began producing penile measuring tape that can help produce reliable and accurate measurements. Their own motivation has nothing to do with enlargement but men all over the world have been raving about the results.

The company is actually a youth clinic that caters to men under the age of 23. The measuring tape they developed measures in millimetres, which gives a more accurate reading. Their motivation is to help men find condoms that fit better, thus reducing their exposure to various sexually transmitted diseases.

But as news of the measuring tape made headlines for its proactive approach to male sexual health, many others wanted to try it in order to improve measurements as related to enlargement procedures. Of course, requesting the tapes all the way from Stockholm can prove to be a bit of a pain so instead, more and more men on male enhancement forums are simply discussing the best way to find measurements systems that use the metric system

In the United States, the Imperial form of measurement (inches) is more popular but simply doesn’t offer the accuracy of the metric system. For years, men have debated the merits of both in relation to measuring their penis size to track progress while using penis enlargers. Many men prefer the Imperial system since they’re more familiar with it and it’s easier for them to visualize changes in terms of inches. But the accuracy of the metric system means being able to detect and track improvements more quickly.


The interest these measuring tapes have caused have given several companies pause for thought as well. In some cases, men report they’ve begun to receive measuring tapes along with their enlargement device order, reinforcing the idea that measuring from day one improves success and boosts motivation throughout the process.

The fact is, a company could do quite well in addressing the process of using penis enlargers and developing accessories that help men stay on track. Taking more accurate measurements can also achieve what the clinic in Stockholm originally set out to do, even for men well beyond the clinic’s target demographic.

As men use penis enlargers, many don’t think about the changes they’ll need to consider in terms of sexual positions and condom size. While this usually isn’t anything more than a temporary nuisance, wearing the wrong size condom truly can make a man more vulnerable to exposure to sexually transmitted diseases.

So will the rise of penile enlargement devices be the tipping point that brings the metric system to the American public? That may be a bit of a stretch, but the interest generated by the news has a lot of men rethinking their own approach to enlargement. Not only are they more actively interested in how the process is done but also the long term effects of successful enlargement procedures.

This more active involvement is beneficial not only for male enhancement companies, but also for men everywhere. As men take a greater and more active role in their overall sexual health, companies will continue to rise to the challenge in order to offer the products, support and advice they need to ensure their efforts are healthy and effective both now and in the future.

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