Men and Locker Room Syndrome

It’s been said that it’s impossible for women to understand how much a man’s penis means to him. In fact, it is so much an integral part of a man’s makeup and what he thinks of himself that a perception of being too small can completely shatter a man’s sense of self-worth. Exacerbating the problem throughout history has been a great cultural emphasis on the male member in terms of fertility, pedigree, and strength. For centuries the phallus has been used in art work, literature, and religious practice to symbolize the power innate in the human male.

With such an emphasis on the size and strength of the penis, is it any wonder men take their own so personally? Hardly. In fact, some studies in psychoanalysis suggest that a man who does not give at least some consideration to whether or not his penis is acceptable is probably one with low self-esteem all the way around. To see this in action one only need to visit a men’s locker room at a sports club and simply sit back and observe.

Locker Room Syndrome

Locker room syndrome occurs when men judge their own penises in comparison to those around them. If you’re a lady, don’t misunderstand. Men don’t hang around the locker room and do comparative analysis with one another in any organized, scientific method. Instead, they catch quick little glimpses of the others in the room when they think no one else is paying attention. They capture those images in their brains for later use in their own self evaluations. When they do evaluate themselves they are typically looking at:

  • overall size and shape when flaccid
  • length at full erection
  • girth at full erection
  • straightness and uniformity of shape

No Such Thing as the Perfect Penis

When men discover they are not happy with the size or look of their penises, the next question that begins rolling through their minds is what they can do about it. Before we get to that answer, we should say unequivocally that there’s no such thing as a perfect penis. Even a man who is a slightly smaller than he wants to be probably has adequate size and girth to get the job done in the bedroom. The one exception might be men classified as having a micro penis; but even this condition only classifies penis size when flaccid. Most of the time flaccid size has nothing to do with erect size.

That being said, men who are interested in penis enlargement have a couple of options. They don’t have to settle for living with locker room syndrome for the rest of their lives. Through a well proven method known as “penile traction” it’s possible to add length and girth as well as correct penile curvature issues. And it can be done safely and relatively inexpensively.

The Principal of Penile Traction

The principle of traction is one that’s been used for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. Ancient Amazon tribes have used it to elongate the neck, extend the lobes of the ears, increase the size of the lips, and even extended the length of the penis. Traction involves using some means of stretching the chosen tissue gently, but for extended periods of time. For penis enlargement simply attaching weights to the shaft is one traditional method that’s been used for centuries.

Penile traction applies a gentle but continuous pressure on the skin of the penis and its underlying tissue. In so doing, that pressure causes microscopic tears which can neither be seen by the naked eye or felt by the individual in most cases. When the body repairs the damage, it does so by filling in the space with new tissue. Thus, over a prolonged period of time traction will extend the penis in the same way it can extend other parts of the body.

Using a Penis Enlargement Device

Lots of men around the world have combated locker room syndrome by using a penis enlargement device. These devices, if they’re made well, substitute weights with springs and straps. This method is a lot safer than simply hanging weights from the penis because it can be tightly controlled. The key to a good penis enlargement device however, are the straps used to provide traction.

Straps, like the ones employed by the Quick Extender Pro, need to provide firm traction without choking off the shaft of the penis. Furthermore the pressure needs to be gentle enough so as to not result in bruising or skin damage. Men who have interest in using a penis enlargement device should be very careful to make sure they purchase only from company with an excellent reputation and proof of extensive testing.

If you’re a man who does not suffer from locker room syndrome, that’s great. But for those who do, penis enlargement is a viable option that can help you achieve the size you’ve always dreamed of.

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11 years ago

[…] no secret that men do check each other out in the locker room.  But looking at the size of other guy’s flaccid penises isn’t really going to tell you […]