Not Too Big, Not Too Small – Determine the Perfect Penis Size for You

Determine the Perfect Penis Size

When it comes to penis size, one size definitely does not fit all. In fact, many studies have found that women can be just as turned off by a penis that’s too big as they can be for one that’s too small. So how can men know what they need in order to feel good about themselves and be attractive to potential mates? The answer is quite literally staring at you in the mirror.

Penis Size and Proportion

When it comes to physical traits, everyone has their own person preferences. It’s as true for penis size as it is for height, weight or hair colour. While people may have their own preferences there are also universal issues which can make a person more or less attractive generally and this is where penis size plays a more important role.

While women may prefer a slightly larger or shorter penis, the one thing almost every woman agrees on is that the ideal penis size should be in proportion with the rest of a man’s body. That means taking several factors into account, including a man’s height, weight and overall body type. A taller but slender man, for example, would look a bit strange with a long, thick penis. In fact, he’d look just as strange as a very short, stout man with the same size penis. So the trick is to find a length and girth that fits in well with a man’s overall size.

Determining Your Ideal Size

There’s no hard and fast guide when it comes to determining a good penis size. But there are clearly ways to tell if a man’s penis simply isn’t a good fit for him physically. The easiest way to do this is to honestly evaluate yourself naked. Obviously standing in front of a mirror naked with an erection can be a bit awkward, but for men contemplating whether or not to invest in a penis enlarger, this should be a pretty simple chore.

There’s no real point in evaluating yourself with a flaccid penis sine many men have a penis that initially appears small but then grows into something a bit more impressive. These men are called ‘growers’ and guys with a larger flaccid penis that simply hardens as it becomes erect as called ‘showers’. So the size of a penis when it isn’t erect really won’t tell you much anyway and, to be honest, women have zero interest in a flaccid penis.

Once you’ve achieved an erection and can compare it to your overall physique you can finally decide if it fits in or if it sticks out like a sore thumb. This is the vital part when it comes to determining whether or not you need to start using a penis enlarger or if your efforts, energy and money would be better spent elsewhere.

Making Your Decision

If you eventually decide you could use a boost in size, you’ll need to choose between a penis enlarger that addresses wither length or girth – no enlargement device handles both. Devices that address issues of girth deliver almost instant results, but the increase in girth is short lived. An enlargement device focused on length can deliver permanent results, but it takes much longer to get there. It’s possible to go through the lengthening process and then go back to deal with girth, but generally speaking men only need help in one area or the other.

Making the choice to begin using a penis enlarger may initially be sparked by wanting to appear more attractive to women, but in the end it should be about being comfortable with yourself. Penile enlargement is like any other form of self-improvement or body modification – if you’re not doing it for yourself chances are you’ll never be happy no matter what the results.

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