Penis Enlargement Myths and Facts

Penis Enlargement – 5 Facts You Should Know

5 facts

Thanks to a number of clinical studies and a more open and frank discussion of sexuality for both men and women, penis enlargement has become a hot topic. Men from every walk of life have started investigating their options when it comes to altering and improving the shape and size of their penis. While enlargement is a topic many people know about now, there are still some facts men should know before they commit to the enlargement process.

Penis Enlargement Devices HAVE Been Tested in a Clinical Setting

Perhaps the biggest change in the world of penile enlargement is the fact that certain devices have actually now been tested in a clinical setting. Over the past few years a handful of studies have tackled the issue of penile enlargement by testing traction style devices in the lab. These studies have all found that traction enlargement can be an effective form of penis enlargement when the devices are used properly and over a long period of time. These studies have helped to fuel the renewed popularity of enlargement and they’ve helped the male enhancement industry to be seen in a more positive light overall.

Penis Enlargement Isn’t a “Quick Fix”

While there is now proof that enlargement can work, that doesn’t mean it can offer a quick fix for men. In fact, these studies back up what men – and the male enhancement industry – have been saying for years: Penis enlargement takes time. Once of the biggest reasons enlargement devices have developed a bad reputation is because men had no idea how involved the process would be before they bought their device. This type of body modification relies on exerting a moderate amount of pressure over a long period of time in order to elongate the penis without sacrificing girth. In order to achieve that goal, time is essential. Typically, men must use the device for 6 to 8 weeks before the start seeing results.

Not All Enlargement Products Are the Same

As with any high-end product, not all enlargement devices are created equal. While many companies within the male enhancement industry do everything they can to deliver the best service and products, there are still people out to swindle their fellow man. In order to avoid falling victim to this type of shady practice, men should always shop around and do their own investigation on enhancement products. Reading penile enlargement reviews and checking out what guys have to say through online forums is a great way to get frank, unbiased reviews for everything from supplements to enlargement devices.

Penis Enlargement Does NOT Improve Performance

This can seem pretty obvious, but too many men assume an improvement in size will improve everything else too. This simply isn’t the case. Increasing your penis size will do one thing – increase your penis size. In order to improve stamina or overall performance, men need to address the underlying issue. Perhaps they need better nutrition to fuel their body, improved fitness to enhance cardiovascular health and stamina or tips on better positions and techniques to improve performance. Whatever the issue, there’s a way to solve it but it may not have anything to do with size.

Male Enhancement Isn’t Always About Size

This is the most important fact men should know. Sexual performance isn’t always just about size – quite often it’s about how a man feels about himself. This aspect of how we see ourselves – sometimes referred to as sexual self-esteem – essentially comes down to how we feel about ourselves naked and how we perform between the sheets. For some men, improving their size is more about improving the way they see themselves than anything else. But if you’ve never worried much about size, then the issue may lie elsewhere. Finding ways to improve your sex life isn’t about just going with the latest craze – it’s about looking at yourself and your own life to discover the solution that will truly help improve how you perform and feel when it comes to sex.

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6 years ago

I have type 2 diabetes. I used to be about 6.5 – 7″ in length. I’ve shrunk down to about 5.5″ and lost girth in the process. Plus I have ED issues.

I do use a pump at times and the only result that I’ve had is girth with very little length gain. Sometimes the girth gets very wide and mis-shappened(?).

Will this extender help with my ED?