Clean your Penis Extender

How To Properly Clean Your Penis Extender

Penis Extenders have flooded the market in recent years as the clinical trial period is over and real world testing has now proven they do in fact guarantee results without any possible risk. This is great news for men who have been searching endlessly for any logical type of penis enlargement without the need to visit a doctor or undergoing the risky surgical route of penis enlargement. With the successes of penis extenders documented worldwide, more men have taken the plunge and have invested in a penis extender system expecting to achieve similar results to those published. As such one of the most basic tips in maximizing results lies within proper maintenance and hygiene which will ensure great safety and success.

Currently there are two types of existing support pieces for the current crop of modern extenders; the archaic but still prevalent flat strap or comfort strap model and the newer comfort pad system. This article is not to get into the differences between support pieces but to point out that the older flat strap system does in fact retain moisture and as such proper maintenance and hygiene must be observed in order to avoid serious cases of bacterial infection.

The penis extender must be worn daily, up to 8 hours a day according to most manufacturers. Due to the extensive use of the penis extender and the fact it is worn in a very sensitive part of the body it is recommended the penis enlargement device be cleaned daily after each use. The perspiration coming off the penis can remain on the device festering into bacteria on the device up to 72 hours while no longer in contact with skin. In order to properly clean your penis enlargement system a cleaning solution must be used. You may simply wipe down the device or even use a toothbrush dipped in the solution.

Cleaning solution:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1/4 ounce of alcohol
  • 1/4 ounce liquid hand soap

Daily Process of Removing and Storing Your Penis Extender

1. Before removing the device from your body, wash your hands thoroughly or alternatively use a hand sanitizer if you are not close to a sink.

2. Remove the device and place on a clean surface

3. Separate (if your model permits) the top glan support and remove all comfort pads and silicone straps so each part remains separate.

4. Using a clean cloth or toothbrush, dip the cleaning product into your solution. Careful not to soak the cloth or toothbrush to the point of dripping. (this is to prevent possible drips on carpet or clothing).

5. Gently scrub the device thoroughly making sure to wipe down the silicone tubes, comfort pads, glan support, aluminum rods and the plastic penis extender base.

6. You may wait for 5 minutes allowing the device to dry, you may repeat the process.

7. Once the device has dried repeat the process with a clean cloth dipped only in water.

8. Store the device in a cool, dry location until next use.


By following these procedures you are eliminating any potential complications related to hygiene and ensuring a safe and healthy routine to maximizing your results without interruptions. Penis enlargement devices should never be neglected and should be cleaned regularly.

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