Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro™ penis enlargement system

Here we have the latest penis enlargement device to enter the men’s health market, the all new Quick Extender Pro ™ system featuring DSS. Designed and engineered by Innovatech Designs, this new system boasts the most effective, non-evasive and painless penis enlargement method.

Although there are many types of penis extender on the market, none are as distinct or unique as this particular penis enlarger . Innovatech Designs has reengineered what they claim is the most versatile, compact and strongest devices being sold online.

Firstly, versatility claimed is that now that it incorporates two silicon tubes, it serves two added functions and bonuses. By adding a second tube at the base of the gland support, they have now added the ability to facilitate any size penis, from a micro sized penis to average and larger lengths. Literally, a one size fits all. According to our research, we can confirm that in fact it is now true giving hope to a percentage of the male population who might suffer from micro penis.

The second bonus of the DSS (Dual Strap Support) is the ability to now distribute the tension not only from the head/tip of the penis but also from the shaft. They have claimed that this affects penis enlargement for two reasons: it eliminates discomfort, allowing the time of usage to be unlimited and in fact tripling the time of enlargement compared to every single other manufacturer. These are indeed quite fantastic claims that we aim to verify.

Additionally, the Quick Extender Pro ™ is now much smaller without sacrificing its “one size fits all” model. It was designed to be worn under tight loose fitting pants and we have confirmed it can be worn inside certain types of jeans. This is an important factor because we have not found a penis extender that can be worn so anonymously in clothing.

The Quick Extender Pro ™ features the lightest and strongest materials we have reviewed out of 13 penis enlargement devices. The aluminum bars provide strength and almost feather-light weight, which is extremely important if you’re going to be carrying the device on you throughout the day.

The device now features of course like all other penis enlargement devices hypo-allergenic materials. This is important because it eliminates the possibility of getting a rash. Just be sure, with any device you might purchase, try to wash it on a regular basis and keep your penis extender clean.

Now that we have mentioned all features worth mentioning, it’s time to move on to RESULTS. It doesn’t matter to this reviewer if the penis extender is blue, black or purple. That it has a DVD for sexual positions or it has gold platting (absolutely useless by the way). What matters is if it will indeed do what it claims. The Quick Extender Pro ™ claims, penis enlargement quickly, painlessly and rock hard erections . Interestingly enough they also claim that is does cure or relive mild cases of erectile dysfunction (ED).

My journey first began as a surprise. My penis extender device was sent to me free of charge to our New York office. This was actually the first time an independent review site like ours was offered a device such as this without having to purchase the item. Thanks goes out to Innovatech Designs for supporting independent reviewers and review sites.

We received the item of course similarly like all others in a plain discreet package. It was well concealed and properly packaged in a water tight package, unlike most competitors who use a cheaper box/paper packaging; the Quick Extender Pro ™ was in a water tight plastic bubble mailer. Upon opening and inspection we discovered the shiny blue device, very small indeed but quite sturdy, sealed in an air tight package as with all spare fights for sanitation reasons. The blue penis extender also had a sticker for quality controlled inspected, very important in TYPE 1 Medical devices and just lets me feel more safe and secure wearing something strictly controlled in its manufacturing process when it will be next to my family jewels for the next 3 months.

Now I began as an average size guy, nothing to write home about but not in the market to be “normal”. But who says no to a few inches? I’m sure my wife wouldn’t complain.

Initial Size: November 5, 2007

4.98 inches in length

4.45 inches in girth

As I began my treatment I first had to adjust the penis traction device to size for maximum comfort and tension. Quick Extender Pro ™ provides enough aluminum extension bars to reach a maximum length of up to 10 inches. More than anyone could ever want, which I feel for the price to be extremely generous.

After the adjustment I first tried the penis extender device as a clone and wore it like all the other penis extenders on the market, one silicone strap and padding. I thought in order to provide a well rounded review, unbiased, I would wear the device in every which way. The first way I wore it was exactly like wearing all other competing device designs, to feel it for 1 week. The first day was absolutely horrible, I felt like all the pressure at the head of my penis was literally pulling it apart throughout the first day. I could only wear the device for about 45 minutes of excruciating pain. I thought this must be a malfunction or defective product, so I contacted customer support on their 24/7 toll free hotline.

The representative who answered my call was very professional and a pleasure to speak with. He explained to me in order to fully benefit from the Quick Extender Pro ™ , it is required I use to silicon straps as this is a second generation device. I explained to the rep kindly that by using one strap, it was exactly a copy of all other penis enlargement devices. He then explained that this redesign took 3 years to develop which would eliminate any discomfort. I thanked him for his time and said I’d call back if I had any other questions.

Well, it seemed that two straps was the next configuration but I was still committed to finish the week as planned, one single silicon tube at the tip of my penis. This probably the toughest week of my life utilizing a single silicon tube, like all the other penis extenders. I managed to finish the week with a total cumulative of 5.2 hrs for the week. The pain was just too unbearable and my colleagues at rateit.com all could not believe my commitment.

Now that I had completed my week, I finally allowed myself to fully use the Quick Extender Pro ™ as directed and designed, with both silicon tubes and comfort straps. I actually had to take some time off, 3 days, to regain normal circulation. The first day with silicon tubes, one attached to my penis shaft and one attached to my head/tip of penis was unbelievably different. The change in comfort and circulation was absolutely night and day.

The first day I was able to complete the 3 hours recommended by the simple to use user manual. Not only did I complete the first 3 hours without breaking a sweat, I decided to add another 3 hours bringing my total to 6hours for the first day. It is recommended 3 hours a day, so I imagined 6 hours must deliver quicker results than 3.

Since that first initial day of use with both silicon straps, it has been exactly the same until the end of my treatment, simple and painless. Let’s fast word to January 5, 2008. Exactly three months of constant use.

Final measurements were:

6.78 inches in length

5.68 inches in girth


In conclusion, Innovatech Designs has put out a solid product both in design and function. I was able to reach a 25% increase in both length and girth in the absolute smallest time frame quoted by any manufacturer. Although impressive in gains, what’s more is the ease of use and comfort during the course of my treatment. Penis enlargers and penis extenders have come a long way through scientific research and practice. I’ve been off the device for about 39 days and I have not seen a decrease in both size and girth. It is safe to say the results are permanent. I can’t vouch much for curing erection or erectile dysfunction issues because I never suffered from those problems. But everything is working normally for me since I stopped treatment. The Quick Extender Pro ™ truly did revolutionize a growing segment in men’s health and if you want a painless, non-evasive solution to penis enlargement , the Quick Extender Pro ™ might be just what you are looking for. Two Thumbs Up!

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