Penis Enlargement Products and Scams

There are a lot of scams out there on the internet, but it seems like certain areas get more scams than others.  Penis enlargement is one of those areas.  You’ll find thousands of different websites out there promising to give you a huge penis with no work at all for just a small monthly payment.  Once you get these products and start using them, though, you may notice that several months have gone by without any change.  Of course, the website promises just a few more months!  That’s all…and suddenly, you’ve been paying for over a year for something that hasn’t changed your penis size at all.

Identifying these scams can be difficult, but there are some things you can look for.  If a product promises something that’s too good to be true, be cautious.  While top quality penis enlargement products like the Quick Extender Pro can add a few inches to your penis, there’s no product out there that will add those inches over night.

Time is a factor.  No penis enlargement products give you more inches the instant you use them.  Pills usually take a few days to take a “temporary” effect, while penis exercises and extenders require repeated use over a set time frame.  If someone says you’ll gain inches right away and keep them, it’s a scam.

Few penis enlargement products permanently increase your length.  Only penis enlargement surgery and penis extenders, do.  The Quick Extender Pro will actually make your body increase the length of your penis by introducing painless micro tears in the shaft.  Pills and patches, on the other hand, will not permanently add inches to your penis.  Instead, they will help you reach your full size by increasing blood flow.

The price is another indication of a scam.  Will it’s true that you will have to order more pills and patches at some point, you should be able to purchase them monthly, not get locked into a multi-month contract.  Penis Extender Devices like the Quick Extender Pro should have a one-time cost (or a set cost that you can pay out over several months).

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