Is Penis Envy Real?

Penis Envy

Penis enlargement is the cornerstone of male enhancement. As the concept grows in popularity, scientists, researchers, and physicians have begun to explore the reasons behind the popularity. Most often, men wish to improve their confidence, especially in the bedroom. Current studies are now finding that men may be seeking to improve their penis size because of a subconscious factor that is not widely recognized.

Is Penis Envy Really the Cause of Penis Enlargement Popularity?

Before that question can be answered, we must first acknowledge that penis envy not only exists, but it is natural and common. Whether they wish to admit it or not, men are constantly comparing themselves to others. It is an inherent behaviour as natural as eating or breathing, one that has existed since our Neanderthal days.

As boys grow into young men, and especially during their time of puberty, the male sex is constantly seeking affirmation that they are normal or average compared to others. Every boy and teen has spent time covertly comparing their penis to the glimpse they get of others. Understanding how they literally measure up helps them subconsciously determine where they fall into the concept of masculinity.

While the behaviour decreases to an extent at adulthood, it never fully disappears. In truth, the urge to continue to measure ourselves against others remains just as strong, but there is a stigma associated with staring at another person’s manhood.

Is Penis Envy at Fault for You?

If you are a man who is seriously considering penis enlargement, do you understand your own motivations? Many men simply jump into the procedure without truly knowing themselves and what their subconscious desires are. It is normally in these instances that penis enlargement goes awry, and is not as effective. If you are not sure why you wish to enlarge your penis, you need to spend some time being honest with yourself and your needs. Penis enlargement is a real commitment, a lengthy procedure, and something which cannot be taken lightly.

The Most Common Reasons for Penis Enlargement

Size is not the only issue men deal with, but also shape. The condition known as Peyrione’s Disease is not incredibly common, but still affects many men. Those who suffer from this disease often have a penis that is misshapen. Men tend to view this as the equivalent of a deformity, and want to correct the issue to improve their sexual please as well as their self esteem.

Some men simply do not feel at one with their penis, to the point where they do not have control of the appendage. In these instances, a man will seek out penis enlargement as a way to boost their self esteem.

Others have sought penis enlargement for a more adventurous, if not somewhat ridiculous reason. For those who wish to participate in sexual acts that are more complicated by nature (think advanced Kama Sutra positioning), a longer penis is crucial for these positions to work correctly. This is not the most appropriate reason out there to seek penis enlargement, but definitely not unheard of.

The most common reason a man seeks to try a penis enlargement or extender device is a genuine feeling of size inadequacy. If you feel you are too small, or that your size is not in proportion to the rest of your body, you need to actually measure yourself and determine your real numbers. Many men who believe they are too small are actually at or above the norm. The average length of a fully erect penis from base to tip is 5 inches. If you are at or above that 5 inch mark, you may want to reconsider penis enlargement. Before you make the decision to augment your body through a difficult, time consuming, and sometimes painful process, you should acknowledge what your motivation is, and if penis envy is playing a part in your self esteem issues.

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