Penis Extender VS Penis Pump

Finding the right penis enlargement product can be difficult, costly, and tiresome. Since many products require either daily use or application often men waste a significant amount of time on products and grow increasingly frustrated without “growing” elsewhere. Men just want to see measurable results fast but impatience and lack of thorough research is what leads to the wrong product being purchased.

Currently on the market there are several types of penis enlargement products such as extenders, pumps, pills, lotions, and more. Out of all of these products the penis pump and the penis extender are the ones that many men seem the most torn over since the features and functions of each are a bit obscure.

To help clear up the confusion about both the penis extender and penis pump we will discuss all of the differences in use, effectiveness, and results in this article – this way you can make an informed decision on which method and device you want to use so you can get the results you want!

Penis Extender

The penis extender is a small device that is used to help men achieve measurable increases in both the width and girth of their penis. This device is the only safe way to add permanent inches to any man and it doesn’t require monthly purchases or refills.

This device works by using a concept that has been utilized throughout cultures well before our time – if you’ve ever seen the neck rings worn by the Kayan women of Thailand then you know what concept this is. Basically penis extenders gently stretch the head of the penis away from the body and apply a constant pressure to encourage new cell growth. This constant penis traction forces the microscopic cells within the penis to split and form new cells which then split and form more. Over a period of time this painless cell splitting will result in a measurable increase in length and girth of the penis.

The problem with penis extenders is that most men want results and they want them fast. That is why products such as penis pumps are so popular and often preferred over extenders. Penis extenders won’t give you immediate results, however they will give you permanent results that can be seen just after a month of proper use.

Penis Pump

Men looking for immediate penis enlargement will often turn to the penis pump. This pump will temporarily increase the overall length and width of a man’s penis during an erection. Painless, safe to use, and inexpensive, penis pumps are the perfect solution for most men.

To use a penis pump the man simply needs to place his penis in the opening of the cylinder and make sure that the end of the cylinder is placed against his skin completely. Once done the user will then either manually or automatically remove all of the air out of the cylinder – this lack of air will create a vacuum which will draw more and more blood into a man’s penis.

These pumps are great for insuring that the maximum erection size can be obtained quickly and efficiently. Additionally these pumps significantly help men with Erectile Dysfunction – allowing them to successfully achieve and maintain an erection to satisfy their partner.

So Which One Should You Use?

Deciding on the right penis enlargement device can be difficult however you need to think about your overall goals and determine how much money you are willing to spend on the results. Many men don’t realize how much money can go into pills and lotions since they are a smaller amount each time; however over a man’s lifetime those small costs really add up which is why permanent results are desired.

The absolute best way to achieve BOTH your long term and short term penis enlargement goals is to utilize a penis pump and a penis extender in tandem. Using both devices will ensure that you can enjoy all of the fulfilling benefits of a larger penis immediately while still inching towards that long term goal of permanently a thicker and longer penis.

Why not just use pills instead of a pump?

For those of you looking to save money, and to have a device that will be there when you need it at all times, the penis pump is a godsend. It can be used at any time and works instantly – unfortunately pills are not usually as fast responding (not that they don’t work however). Additionally you only have to purchase a penis pump once and you will have it for the rest of your life.

With both the penis pump and the penis extender you never have to pay a subscription fee and never have to wait for refills to come in the mail! With these devices aiding you, you can finally take control of your penis size and make it what you’ve always wanted it to be.

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Chase Guillerault
Chase Guillerault
11 years ago

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