Penis Extender Questions and Answers

Penis Extender: Will It Work On An Uncircumcised Penis?

Quick Extender Pro™ is the ideal penis extender for men who are uncircumcised.  The exclusive DSS (Double Strap Support) System was designed to maximise grip for men who are unable to use a traditional penis extender.

A common problem with penis extenders is that they tend to leave some men who are not circumcised out in the cold when it comes to grip and usability.  Many men have reported that traditional penis extenders with the single strap design or the older flat strap system are useless to them as they continually tend to slip off.  This can be frustrating for some men as recent studies show that 36% of the male population in America remain uncircumcised and are unable to take advantage of the tremendous benefits that the penis extender system has to offer.

CircumcisionWith the introduction of a second generation penis enlargement system such as the Quick Extender Pro, men who are interested in benefiting from using a penis extender can now feel confident that the DSS system will work for them.  Redesigned from the ground up, the new Quick Extender Pro system eliminates any possible chance of slippage and is 100% compatible with uncircumcised men.  With the exclusive DSS support piece, the Quick Extender Pro is able to provide the proper balance of tension and grip necessary for men with foreskin.  The uncircumcised penis prevents a penis extender from being properly secured because foreskin tends to completely cover the tip of the penis with a smooth ridge less surface.  The Quick Extender Pro glan support will redistribute the tension onto both the tip of the penis and the shaft providing a solid grip with no chance of slippage.  This eliminates the constant readjustments men must make when wearing a traditional penis extender, severely limiting the results of the device.  Using the Quick Extender Pro on uncircumcised men will allow them to wear the device consistently without any interruptions and while providing maximum results.

Quick Extender Pro is the best selling penis enlargement system worldwide and is recommended for uncircumcised and circumcised men.  If you would like to join the thousands of satisfied men worldwide please visit or please call 1-888-800-6987 for more information.

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