Penis Extenders vs Vacuum Pumps – What’s the Difference?

Penis enlargement is big business and, thanks to the internet, it’s now easier and more accessible than ever before. As a result, more and more men are trying it as a way to improve how they feel about themselves as well as their overall sexual performance. While enlargement is safe, there are certain things men should know before they jump in.

Know Your Device

In the world of penis enlargement, there are basically two types of devices – penis extenders and vacuum pumps. It’s a common misconception that these devices are essentially interchangeable and do the same thing. In fact, they each offer very specific help.

Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump was the first commercially available penis enlargement device, debuting on the open market in the early 1900s. The device works by applying vacuum pressure to draw more blood into the penis, thereby engorging it beyond its normal size. This process offers immediate results and improves a man’s girth. This process does not add length as a rule though some men have reported modest improvement in length. These results are not, however, long-term. Some men have reported that, when used over time, their girth has increased somewhat even when they aren’t using the device.

Penis extenders, on the other hand, focus solely on improving length and the gains they prove are long-term. Extenders work on the principle of traction and apply gentle but firm pressure along the shaft of the penis, essentially stretching it to improve length. So how does this help length without sacrificing width? By making the process slow. While extenders have clinic testing supporting their efficacy, the results aren’t easily achieved. In order for the enlargement process to produce healthy results, the device must be worn several hours a day, every day, for around 6 weeks before results are seen.

While penis extenders are more demanding in terms of what men need to do to get results, the results have made them immensely popular. This is due, in no small part, to the new styles of devices. Old school extenders were admittedly uncomfortable to wear with little thought having gone into customer comfort. Over time, companies began to develop models that were slimmer, more comfortable and able to be worn overnight while asleep or, with some models, even discretely under your clothes. This made the devices easier to use so men could wear them longer and more regularly, increasing their efficacy.

Know What You Need

Once men know the differences between these enlargement devices, it’s time to determine what they actually need. Many men think they need to increase their length because it seems like every guy is bigger. In casual polls, many people still believe the average length of a man’s penis is about 7 inches when erect. This is due, in part, to the original Kinsey study which was published in the 1950s. For that first study, scientists asked men to self-report their size and – shocker – many guys stretched the truth. Later studies, including several recent studies, have determined the average is closer to 5 inches.

Still, even for guys within normal size, sometimes they feel a boost in length won’t hurt – and they may be right, but width is an easier factor to manipulate first. Many women aren’t necessarily interested in a longer penis, as width provides extra friction. For men who simply want to experiment, considering a vacuum pump first is easier since it provides those immediate results without a long term commitment.

Check out product reviews and look at websites and message boards focused on male sexual health for unbiased reports on how well certain devices work. For guys who need to “see it for themselves” so to speak, YouTube video reviews are also available. No matter what you decide, being able to shop around knowledgeably will help you find penis extenders or vacuum pumps worth the time and money.

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