Penis Size and Evolution – Your Penis is Larger Than You Think

Penis Size and Evolution

One of the ways researchers learn more about human sexuality is by studying the behaviour and sexual lives of our closest relatives – apes and gorillas. Examining the social structures, male hierarchies and sexual lives of these animals offers insight into our own behaviour as well as the evolution of human sexuality.

One things that has puzzled experts for years is why the human penis is so much larger than those of other primates. Humans have the largest sexual organ in relation to their bodies. When it comes to non-human primates, penis and testicle size are indicative of the social structure of the animals as well as they evolved.

Some apes, for example, establish one Alpha male who is free to have sex with as many females as they wish. In these species, the penis and testicles are relatively small since there’s no real need for competition. With other species the amount of sperm a male ape can produce is how he attracts women and, for them, their penis may be small, but the testicles are much larger.

So what does all this have to do with humans? Researchers now believe that the human trait of walking upright may have led to us having a larger sex organ. Since we walk upright, the male sex organs are on full display. Add to that the fact that human females choose their mates and you have yourself the perfect mix for an evolutionary need to have a large penis in order to entice a mate.

Today, of course, men and women don’t parade out naked in order to attract a mate. But those ancient biological imperatives remain firmly in place. That’s part of the reason both men and women naturally play up their best assets and how even subtle physical cues like healthy skin can make someone increasingly attractive to others. These subtle physical cues don’t always register in a person’s conscious mind but it can create an air of attraction around a person.

For men, that means penis enlargement remains appealing, even if they have what is considered a normal size penis. Their sense of competition has a biological basis and one which often operates in their subconscious, urging them toward penis enlargement even if they logically know they are a good size.

So how can a man make an informed and smart decision when it comes to penis enlargement? First he should consider his natural size and compare it against what is actually considered average. Scientists have determine the average size for an erect penis is around 5 inches. This places most men well within the normal range. Next they should consider the size of their penis in relation to the rest of their body. If they are a tall and well-built man, even a normal sized penis can appear smaller. For these men, penis enlargement is a viable and smart option.

There are a number of reasons why men choose to enlarge the size of their penis. Primarily it’s because they personally feel they need to have a larger penis in order for them to look symmetrical or “just right”. There’s nothing wrong if this is the reason that motivates you, because the fact of the matter is that it’s a desire with a foundation in our evolutionary make up. To us, it makes us more desirable to women and feeling more desirable also boosts self-esteem and self-confidence, two traits that all women find attractive. In the end, sometimes enlargement isn’t all about physical size – it’s about having your body reflect the image you have for yourself.

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