Penis Size

When Penis Size Problems Go Too Far

Penile Dysmorphic Disorder

Taking an interest in personal development is healthy and can lead to improvement in a person’s mental and physical well-being. This includes everything from making

improvements in nutrition and fitness to addressing cosmetic issues that might bother you. For many men, taking an interest in personal development had led them to investigate penis enlargers and other male enhancement products.

Over the last few years, sexuality has become more mainstream with magazines, television shows and websites devoting more and more time and space to discussing common sexual problems and ways in which people can improve how they feel about their bodies. For the most part, this has resulted in a new-found acceptance for people who have struggled with body issues but, for some, it can cause problems.

Several studies have found that men feel pressure to attain a specific type of body thanks to pressure from media and entertainment in the same way women do. While the problems of body image pressure are often discussed as a female concern, the fact is guys are feeling the pressure too. This includes everything from trying to get the perfect six pack abs and chiselled arms to being able to sweep a woman off her feet and show her a night she’ll never forget. Basically, men feel the pressure to be the Leading Man for their woman – a pretty tall order.

For men who feel they don’t measure up in terms of penis size, penis enlargers have become the go-to solution. There have now been a few studies that prove the efficacy of traction style penis enlargers, which had made them surge in popularity. As men begin to use them to improve their length, this healthy interest can sometimes snowball into a more serious problem.

Experts are now concerned about a type of Body Dysmorphic Disorder that relates specifically to the penis. This niche version of the disorder is referred to as Penile Dysmorphic Disorder. Simply put, Penile Dysmorphic Disorder is when a man becomes convinced his penis is too small in length, girth or both that he fixates on it – often to the point where he isn’t abler to view the proportions of his body correctly. A man suffering with this condition could have a perfectly normal and average penis, but he would be convinced it was woefully underdeveloped.

This is an extreme issue, of course, and the best way to avoid the issue is to keep measurements based on simple metrics as well as maintaining relationships with others. By taking measurements regularly and comparing them to statistics available online, men can more objectively view their penis size both as they begin to use penis enlargers and as they go through the enlargement process.

For a support network, many men find that forums, message boards and chat rooms focused on male sexual health are the best places to get the advice, support and sympathetic ear they need. Self-improvement of any kind can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming. Change happens slowly and it’s easy to get discouraged. Like other groups of people trying to make positive changes, men who are working to improve their sexual performance find that connecting with others going through the same thing is an effective way to stay on track and get the best advice when it comes to different techniques and approaches to try. These communities not only offer a network of support, they also act as a Voice of Reason preventing men from getting swept up in advertising hype or becoming overly fixated on what the perceive as being wrong.

Taking a good long look at yourself and working to improve your body is a healthy endeavour. But fixating on your body can also have a way of becoming all encompassing. In order to maintain a healthy balance it’s important for men to both keep their perspective when it comes to what they want to achieve and to rely on others to act as sounding boards. By staying grounded and connected, men will be able to view their goals – and their progress – with clearer vision and a healthy approach to achieving their goals.

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