Which is More Important: Penis Size or Technique?

Penis Size vs Technique

We’ve all heard the old clichés like ‘It’s not the size of boat but the motion in the ocean’ when it comes to ways of dealing with problems about penis size. At the same time, there

have been several studies that show penis size does matter – at least to some degree – for most women. So what’s the real story? Can a guy with a modest member really compete in bed with men who simply have more to work with?

Why Penis Size Matters

Over the years there have been numerous studies that prove women are definitely interested in penis size. Again and again, it has been shown that once a woman knows how big a man is, she develops certain ideas and expectations. Size can also affect how attracted a woman is to a man for a number of reasons.

First, it’s simply human nature to be drawn towards a man who has a penis size that is not only a good size, but one that is proportional to a man’s overall body type. Women have reported that a 6 inch penis may be ideal for a man with a larger body size, but that exact same penis would be a completely turn off on a man who is smaller, slimmer or simply just more compactly built. Secondly, a man’s penis size – and worries about size in general – can directly impact his sense of self-esteem and, thusly, his overall confidence. Ask any woman – there is nothing sexier than a confident man. So when a guy is dealing with problems and insecurities stemming from the size of his penis, that’s just another way in which size does matter.

Why Technique Matters

While penis size is important, it is also important that men know how to actually perform in bed. This means learning about new positions, techniques and foreplay moves that transform a night in bed into an epic night between the sheets. No matter how much time a man puts into using penis extenders or other enlargement techniques and devices, if he doesn’t know what to do in bed.

Technique encompasses everything from how a man initiates sex, his foreplay style and how he has sex with his partner. It includes style and positions and also is a reflection of the kind of lover he is. A man who truly enjoys pleasing his partner is all about doing whatever makes her happy, even if it isn’t normally what turns him on. Oral sex is perhaps the most common example – there are some guys who love it and don’t need any prompting to get down so to speak and then some guys don’t like doing it but they’ll happily spend as long as it takes to get their partners off. Still, there are others who flat out refuse to do it or, if they do, it’s a chore that they don’t enjoy which comes through in their technique. For these couples, sex soon becomes a potential battleground which makes it overall an unpleasant experience.

Which Matters More?

TechniqueAt the end of the day, penis size and performance go hand in hand. Using penis extenders can help men achieve the penis size best for their body type as well as boosting their self-esteem. At the same time, using penis extenders also forces a man to focus on his entire sexual performance. By coupling his efforts to improve his physicality and technique, men can truly turn their sex life around. Penis extenders aren’t the answer – they are simply one part of the answer. At the end of the day, size is nothing without technique. So, in that way, technique is more important. But that doesn’t mean penis size should be ignored. There are options available so that men can get the comprehensive support and help they need to have the sex lives of their dreams.

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