Penis Traction

Penis traction is a term used to describe the function of a penis extender when applied to the penis.  The term traction is defined as “the deliberate and prolonged pulling of a muscle, organ, or the like, as by weights, various forms of tension, to correct dislocation, relieve pressure, etc”. 

This process was developed over several years of research and can be applied to multiple applications, the main one being the elongation of the penis tissue without interfering with its normal functions.

With the advanced Quick Extender Pro system, this process is harnessed in a compact, light weight and safe device to apply calibrated tension to the penis.  As an advanced penis traction device, it will exert an adjustable amount of tension up to 3500g force depending on the users requirement.

The penis traction system by Quick Extender Pro is the most popular with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.  It is easy to use, a cinch to adjust and strong enough for daily use.  Our penis traction device is covered by an unbeatable 1 year warranty to ensure uninterrupted usage with the option to purchase extended warranties if needed.

Each Quick Extender Pro model adds even greater control and stability with the ability to increase or decrease size through our Precision Trac 1 click mutli-stage adjustments. With our penis traction system you can precisely control how much tension you wish to apply, adjust the penis traction devices size and gain complete control of your progress to make your treatment seamless and more efficient. By having the ability to extend the Quick Extender Pro traction device incrementally, you will no longer be restricted to preset size increases; it will deliver outstanding comfort throughout the penis enlargement process.

Penis traction if the basis of the applied science to penis enlargement.  The tension that will be exerted by the device will force the inner cells to go through a biological process of mitosis and cytokenisis.  This is precisely what we are trying to harness with the Quick Extender Pro.  By stimulating this process the inner cells of the penis will begin to divide and multiply creating new, healthy tissue and we are excited to say, this will result in a radically increased penis in both length and girth!

The Quick Extender Pro value is immeasurable and extends throughout all packages to deliver outstanding performance, peace of mind and total safety.  Penis traction is the only non-evasive method to real and permanent penis enlargement.

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