What a Sex Professional Has to Say About Men and Penis Stretchers

Everyone seems to have an opinion on penis stretchers. Researchers, medical experts and men have all weighed in on the topic. From determining how effective certain models are, examining the science behind the devices as a whole and measuring the many effects using stretching devices have on the men who use them.

Still, with all this research, there is one demographic that often gets overlooked. True sexual experts with experience not only in evaluating penis size, but also with the complex emotional and physiological effects of sex and sexuality.

Sheri's RanchProstitutes and other sex workers rarely get the respect they deserve, especially when it comes to acknowledging their unique knowledge and insight when it comes to sexuality. But Blithe, a prostitute working at Sheri’s Ranch, decided to change that. Sheri’s Ranch is an upscale brother in Nevada that boasts resort-style rooms, spas and other amenities in addition to some of the most beautiful and skilled women in the business.

BlitheBlithe is one of several women at the ranch who contribute to the Ranch blog. In one of her recent entries, she decided to openly discuss the issue every man wonders about even if he isn’t always willing to admit it: Penis size.

In her post, Blithe tackles three myths about penis size – all of which have to do with the idea that bigger is better. But the home truths Blithe delivers are simple, to the point and echo what most guys already know if they have ever listened to any woman willing to openly discuss sex.

Does Size Matter?

Penis size doesn’t always matter. Time and time again, women have reported they are more interested in how a man performs in bed as well as the kind of person he is. Blithe points out “as long as your penis is healthy, it’s ideal for sex and is capable of pleasing a woman. ”Notice the word ‘capable’ there. Size doesn’t guarantee the quality if a man’s sexual abilities one way or the other.

So does that mean there’s no need for men to use penis stretchers to increase penis size? Hardly. The truth is that while size might not affect how well a man is able to perform in bed physically, it can affect him emotionally or mentally. Penis size plays a big role in how men see themselves and in their overall confidence both in the bedroom and out in the real world.

For men who are plagued by thoughts of their small penis size, whether or not to use penis stretchers is less about sex and more about peace of mind. As Blithe points out in her article, it doesn’t take a man with a big penis to truly satisfy a woman. Instead, a man who is willing to be “sensitive to his partner’s needs and takes the time to discover what turns her on, he will be a successful lover and make her orgasm again and again.”

In order to be able to fully focus on his partner, a man first needs to be comfortable and confident with himself and in his own skin. For some guys that may mean improving his technique, learning new positions and exploring his own kinks and special turn-ons. For many others, it may also mean using penis stretchers as a way to achieve the physical attributes they have always wanted. For many of these men, they may know they don’t really have a small penis size when compared to the national average, but still, they feel like they need something more in order to be happy with themselves. As long as it is something they do for themselves – and not to please a woman or what they think women want – then penis enlargement can be a personally enriching process. For these men, the path to sexual happiness and performance improvement begins with themselves.

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