Surgery (Phalloplasty)

Reasons NOT To Undergo Penis Enlargement Surgery

Many men who have small penises are often so embarrassed by its size that they can find it has a negative impact on relationships.  Many of these men consider the possibility of undergoing surgery to increase the length and girth of their penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Whilst the idea may sound similar to that of women who wish to undergo breast augmentation surgery, which is widely practised throughout the world with many more women choosing to go under the knife these days compared to past years.  However, penis enlargement surgeries have a far lower success rate than breast augmentation surgery, with many actually resulting in the males gaining further complications as a direct result of the surgery.

Procedure #1

The ligaments which hold the penis in place are severed before the penis is stretched with weights.  As the penis heals, it heals in its new, longer state.  This procedure is said to address the fact that one third of the penis is actually within the body, so to remove the constraints of the ligaments that hold the penis in place there, is to make use of what each man already has.

Reasons not to use – In the early years of the procedure, many surgeons claimed that the severance of ligaments and stretching of the penis could increase the size of a man’s penis by up to two inches.  However later studies showed that in actual fact, even the most successful cases only increased length up to an inch.  Also, in some cases where the ligaments have been severed in the wrong way, the angle of erection can be lower or otherwise abnormal.  In addition to this unfortunate side-effect, it should be noted that the operation will only increase the size of the penis whilst it is in its flaccid state, not while it is erect.

Serious side-effects of the procedure include the onset of erectile dysfunction.  This can be caused as a result of nerve endings being damaged during the operation.  In some extreme cases, penis size has actually been decreased rather than increased.

Procedure #2

Taking skin from other areas of the body and wrapping them around the shaft of the penis, increasing its girth.

Reasons not to use – The application of the extra skin can only be performed on the shaft of the penis, not the head.  This means that whilst the shaft’s girth will increase, the head of the penis will not.  As a result, the penis could look completely disproportionate.  Another odd looking side-effect can be the appearance of hair on the underside of the penis.

Procedure #3

Taking fat from other areas of the body, using liposuction, and injecting into the penis, increasing its girth.

Reasons not to use – The procedure increases girth only not the length.  Whilst the procedure is somewhat safer than the other methods, the reality is that the immediate results from the free fat transfer (FFT) are not sustainable.  The body’s natural reaction is to absorb the fat back into itself, reversing the majority of the effect from the FFT.  To sustain pleasing results, a second treatment must be had within three months and possibly on-going treatments over the years to maintain the desired effect.


All penis enlargement surgery is expensive.  For those that require anaesthetic, there is obviously an additional risk of allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.  No treatment has been categorically shown to produce effective results or be 100% safe to use.  This is quite worrying information for men who are considering placing something which is so special to them under the knife.  Put simply, the risk is far too high in comparison to that which is gained for such treatment.

Alternatives to Penis Enlargement Surgery

Quick Extender ProThe best method to enlarge the penis which has been clinically proven is to use a good penis extender device.  The devices often gleam better results than any of the surgeries listed above, enabling growth in both the length and girth of the penis in a way which looks natural and keeps all areas of the penis in proportion.

The biggest advantage of such devices is the fact that they are completely non-invasive.  The treatment uses the time-old method of traction to apply even pressure in order to stretch the penis to a point that the tissue tears.  New tissue grows to fill in the microscopic tears resulting in the growth of the penis.

More Information

The results are not instantaneous like those of the surgery; however there is no risk of making the penis smaller, reacting badly to anaesthetic or any of the other sometimes horrific side-effects from the different surgeries.  Some devices have been known to add between two and three inches onto the length of a man’s penis, over twice as good as the operation where important ligaments are severed.  All in all, it is much safer to opt for a penis extender device than spend huge amounts of money on a surgery which could have terrifying results.

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