The Size of the Wave or the Motion in the Ocean – Which is Really More Important?

Motion in the Ocean

It’s a debate that has raged for generations – and one which never seems to be fully resolved. Which is more important – the size of your equipment or what you do with it? For some, it’s nothing more than a philosophical question but for millions of men, it’s a very real concern. More and more often, men are looking into penis enlargement options in the belief that if they were only bigger, they would be able to better satisfy their partners. But does quantity really equal quality?

The Importance of Size

With a wealth of clinical and anecdotal research now at our disposal, it’s easy to prove that size does indeed matter. Several studies have found that women definitely prefer a man with a normal to slightly above normal range in terms of size. However, this isn’t a case of bigger always being better. A study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that women reported finding men with a larger penis more attractive overall – up to a point. Once men went beyond 3 or so inches while flaccid, their levels of attractiveness plateaued and then decreased, proving that women may place some importance on size, but it’s not exactly a deal breaker.

This places size in a new light for many men. For years, our culture has focused only on size, as if that can solve any other problem in the bedroom. The truth, as it turns out, is a bit more complicated. This has led many men to search for new techniques and methods, particularly if penis enlargement isn’t a viable option. In fact, improving your technique in bed may be enough to improve your sex life even if your penis is smaller than average.

The Motion in the Ocean

There are plenty of euphemisms for it – from ‘the motion in the ocean’ to ‘horizontal dance moves’ – but at the end of the day it is all about technique. By and far, the most important thing men can do to enhance their partner’s experience is to have a good technique. While this is a somewhat relative idea a few basic good moves (and manners) can go a long way with any partner.

Perhaps the most important component of developing a good technique in bed is simple kindness. As a rule, women take longer to reach orgasm than men. This means that men need to invest more time in foreplay in order to engage a woman’s sense fully. Men may love to get down to business, but a woman needs to be seduced each and every time she gets into bed with her partner. Taking your time before you get down to business has benefits for men as well. Building anticipation and excitement can make erections harder and can enhance orgasm when it happens.

What Should You Focus On?

Considering all of the clinical testing, research experiments and anecdotal evidence, it’s clear that men need to focus more on what they do in bed rather than the equipment they have. While penis enlargement can help enhance the experience for both partners, a larger penis does you no good if you don’t know how to use it effectively. And while both can be important, focusing solely on size can make it nearly impossible to work on your technique. Although size is an important factor, by and large, women prefer a man who considers their needs and makes sex a fun, playful and physically rewarding experience. And that has less to do with size than it does technique and style.

Sexual techniques are an incredibly powerful bedroom tool and one which men too often overlook in favor of quick fixes. But sex, like any other part of human relationships, can take some work. The time men invest in learning how to best please their partners without focusing on only the matter of size means that they will be able to please their partner even on nights when they experience problems with staying hard or maintaining an erection. Honing these skills can easily be what turns a ho-hum night of lovemaking into one for the history books.

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