Taking the Piss Out of Penis Size Worries


In just the past few years, there have been a number of studies regarding penis size. Opinions and perspectives from both men and women have been studies, published and have consequently made headlines all over the world. So it’s no wonder, size is a bigger topic than ever.

Studies and reviews in academic and scientific journals have covered just about every angle of penis size. Some studies asked women to use penis models printed with 3D printing technology in order to determine which women prefer for one night stands as opposed to long term relationships. Others asked men about their own perceptions of penis size in order to find out how many men believed they had a below or above average size even if they didn’t know the true national averages. There was even a study that compared average penis size information among men in specific countries and then ranked countries on how much they measured up. Needless to say, penis size has been big news of the past few years.

Penis enlargement has also been big news – both in scientific journals and mainstream news outlets. In tragic cases, there were men who became scarred for life or even died as the result of botched enlargement procedures performed on the black market. On a more positive note, traction style penis enlargers were proven to be effective even in a clinical setting.

Other penis enlargers such as vacuum pumps were also found to be effective, though not when it came to long term gains. Still, for men who want extra length, this news about traction penis enlargers helped fuel the fire for sales of penis enlargers online and off.

With news, speculation and studies on penis size cropping up everywhere, it’s no surprise that more and more places are looking to capitalize on the interest. But one place has raised a few eyebrows after a photo was posted online.

A member on the popular internet site imgur decided to post a photo from a night club he was at one night after he’d gone to use the men’s room. Normally you’d think a guy took a photo because of the state of the pub bathroom which are notoriously bad but in this case, it was to ask if the pub’s decorating decision was fun or a bit creepy.

The photo shows a line of urinals with a picture over each one. In each corresponding picture there’s a woman making a funny face, breaking out a tape measure or just gasping in shock over what she’s seeing.

The urinals, located in the Foundry nightclub in County Carlow, Ireland, have caused an uproar throughout the internet community. Some men see it as the club just having fun with the notion of size while others claim it’s a form of body shaming.

Allegations of body shaming may be a fit extreme, but it does have some men wondering if the “joke” could do more harm than good. Most guys seem to agree, however, that it’s probably just an attempt to remind men not to take the issue so seriously.

The fact is women do care about size – who wouldn’t? But they usually don’t put as much focus on it as men believe they do. Unless a guy is notably small or shockingly large, women aren’t too worried about size. At least not as much as they are about actual performance.

In the end, attempts to make light of the insecurities men feel about size should be taken for what it is – a bit of playful ribbing. If this type of display or joking around makes a guy feel heightened insecurity, he should absolutely investigate how he ranks in terms of average penis size and whether or not his insecurity stems from needing a boost of confidence or an increase in size. Either way, today’s options make it easier than ever to resolve the issue successfully.

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