The 3 Golden Rules of Shopping for Penis Extenders

Shopping for Penis Extenders

The penis enlargement industry has seen an unprecedented growth in recent years. This trend has as much to do with the growing number of men who are unhappy about the size of their

manhood as it does with the fact that we’re finally speaking more openly about the issue. As a result, manufacturers have flooded the market with different models of penis extenders. They are also more affordable than ever, which makes penis extenders the go-to choice for men looking to increase the size of their penis.

However, most shoppers make the mistake of comparing penis extenders solely based on their price. While this might be a good strategy for most types of products, with penis extenders it’s probably one of the last things you should consider. As with any other product, there are plenty of budget-friendly penis extenders whose manufacturers make dubious claims about their efficiency and the results they’ll deliver. Not only are these claims almost always untrue, but the products also tend to be very unsafe.

If you’re planning on buying a traction device to add some length to your penis, here’s our list of the three golden rules all shoppers should have in mind. Follow these steps to make sure you’re getting a safe, tested, and reliable product that will solve your problems and improve your sex life for good.

1. Shop Around to See What Your Options Are

Before you decide what model you’ll go for, you should first see what’s currently available. Your best bet is to visit popular online stores that sell penis extenders and write down the name of each product you think is worth a shot. While at it, also make note of the basic information on each product: the price, the manufacturer, and where you can buy it. After you’ve done that, go through your choices and try to cut your preliminary selection down in half. Then it’s time to learn more about the products you chose.

You can search for reviews of each individual product to find out more about how they work, how much you can expect to gain, and learn about their possible shortcomings. Now, reviews of such products can be very dubious, as more often than not they’re nothing more than a repackaging of the promotional materials supplied by the manufacturer. If the review doesn’t make even a passing mention of at least one shortcoming of the product – no matter how small it may be – it’s probably a fake review.

This is why you should check out dedicated message boards and blogs, where people just like you who have actually tried these products write about their experiences. Nothing’s more reliable than a first-person article that explains exactly how a specific product works. If a review you’ve found comes off as too generic, as if it could have been written about any similar product, chances are the reviewer hasn’t actually tested the device. In that case, look elsewhere until you find the review you know you can trust.

2. Know Who You’re Buying your Penis Extenders From

As a rule, most shoppers will go to the manufacturer’s website to buy a product directly from them. It comes with its own set of benefits, including discounts, special offers, and warranties. But the fact that the manufacturer has its own website doesn’t by any means prove that they are trustworthy.

Before you buy anything and share your personal information with them, take time to get to know the manufacturer whose product you’re interested in buying. Inspect their website to see if there’s any info about the company, including some way to contact them outside of an email address which anyone can create. If the company’s address, or at least their phone number, isn’t available on the website, it’s as clear a sign as any that you shouldn’t do any business with the company.

3. Keep Your Expectations in Check

Finally, it’s important not to fall for any outrageous claims about how much some penis extenders can enlarge your penis. Keep your expectations in check, don’t expect anything unrealistic, and you’ll be very happy with the results in no more than six months.

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