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The Hard-Hitting Guide to Coping with a Small Penis

There have been many quotes and adages brought up for men who need to deal with having small penises. One of these is: “It’s not the size that matters; it’s how you use it that counts.” The fact is these things are nothing but coping methods. There’s no real truth to it because size really does matter for women in the bedroom. Coping with a small penis is partially about learning to deal with it mentally, but the other part of coping with it is actually solving the problem. Read on to find out more about coping with the problem of a small penis.

Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?Absolutely! The media have instilled in people the benefits of having a large penis. It isn’t sensationalist rubbish either, it’s true. A bigger penis does provide more pleasure and it does provide men with the confidence to go above and beyond their normal limits in the bedroom. Whether it’s morally right or wrong women judge men on how big their sexual organs are. It’s not a new phenomenon either; it’s something which has happened for thousands of years. Things haven’t changed in 21st century society.

What the media says about penis size is true. But the difference in the modern world is things can be done about it. Using a penis enlargement device like the Quick Extender Pro, it’s possible to have a bigger penis. It will provide more pleasure, more confidence, and better relationships.

Mental Matters

Coping with a Small PenisIt’s a fact most men who have smaller penises struggle to develop long term relationships. The mental component comes into play because when a woman sees a small erection their minds instantly jump to conclusions; unfavorable conclusions. Unless the man can put out a monumental sexual performance they are going to leave disappointed. From the very beginning, the relationship could end as women are not putting up with inferior sexual partners in the 21st century.

Penis enlargement is also essential for the future. One bad sexual encounter can lead to a lifetime of avoiding sexual situations. It’s amazing just how many men have sex once or twice and never do again because of their personal fears.

Coping With a Small Penis

Some men do cope quite well with having a small penis. It doesn’t automatically translate to a bad lover, but it does create a mountain to overcome from the very beginning. Those who are able to provide awesome sexual experiences can get away with not having large penises, although for most people it isn’t a viable plan of attack.

Knowing how to cope with a small penis will lead to a better tomorrow. The first step is discovering other options. Penis enlargement devices, like the Quick Extender Pro, do work and do it without causing any serious problems. It’s something which doctors have frequently endorsed and have even prescribed in certain parts of Europe for curing Peyronie’s Disease.

The hardest step is actually moving forward with the decision to seek treatment. It’s admitting inferiority and it’s something people are terrified of doing, but once it’s out of the way things are guaranteed to be much easier. Admitting it to a partner first is normally a great coping method for dealing with a small method; especially in a long term relationship where both people are going to be very close.

Moving Forward

Realizing there are products which work is the first step, but actually developing a treatment program is the next step. The first thing to do is to find a product to purchase. Take note it will cost a few hundred dollars to purchase a genuine product, but it’s worth it since they will be able to last for years without having any problems.

Use the opinions of others when deciding on a product. Studies and testimonials from the site of the product is one thing, but independent opinions on different websites are quite another. They are guaranteed to be honest and demonstrate the authenticity of the penis extender in question. Also, looking for medical endorsements is a sure-fire way to discover a working extender.

On a side note, the only penis enlargement devices which have been proven to work are extenders. The various gels and creams don’t work and often contain harmful chemicals. These harmful chemicals lead to problems such as infertility. It is true that gels and creams can provide some form of penis enhancement, however, but none of these effects are going to be permanent.

Developing a Schedule

Create a schedule and stick with it. Coping with a small penis is a long term process. It’s ok to avoid sexual encounters during the enlargement process. In fact, it’s a good idea to stay away from sex whilst going through the treatment program because it can ramp up those confidence levels for the big reveal at the end.

Sticking with the schedule is the key to getting a bigger penis because without regular use the micro tears won’t be formed and it won’t allow the tissue to replicate to plug the gaps, which is the key to increasing the size of the penis.

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