The Safety and Efficacy of Penis Extenders

The size of a man’s penis is often considered, at least in his own mind, a measure of his masculinity and ability to please a woman in bed. Those with smaller penises tend to believe they can’t get the job done as well as their better-endowed counterparts. As such, there is a great market for penis enlargement products ranging from pills and lotions to stretching devices. The question is, do these things work and are they safe?

Before we actually get into different methods of penis enlargement it must be made absolutely clear that anything you decide to try should be thoroughly vetted first. Believe it or not, the penis and testicles are two of the most sensitive parts of the male body. Make sure any product you decide to try has the approval of someone in the medical community as well as clinical studies to prove they work safely.

That said, the most common ways men used to add size and length to the penis are:

  • Over-the-counter pills, lotions or creams
  • Penis pumps
  • Jelqing exercises
  • Stretching (traction) devices
  • Surgery

Pills, Lotions, and Creams

There is a pretty high demand for pills, lotions, and creams that claim to add length and girth to the male penis through the use of all natural, herbal formulas. The demand for such products is understandable given the fact that most men aren’t comfortable with the idea of using a penis pump or a stretching device. The thought of a pill or cream that can do the job with minimal effort is quite appealing. The problem is, none of these over-the-counter products have any scientific research to back up the claims.

What’s more, some of the lotions and creams can be potentially concerning. Keep in mind that the skin and glans of the penis are highly sensitive due to the amount of blood and its close proximity to the surface. Because of that sensitivity it’s very easy to desensitize the penis with a lotion or cream. If you’re ever tempted to try one of these products be sure to use it on a small test area first, just to see if it causes irritation. If irritation develops after you begin using the product, immediately clean yourself off and make an appointment to see your doctor.

Penis Pumps

Before the development of proven traction devices, penis pumps were the most common method used to increase penis size. Pumps work by drawing blood from the base of the penis into the head, thus increasing both length and girth. Today penis pumps are still used quite extensively to help treat men with erectile dysfunction. They are normally considered safe as long as they are used in accordance with the instructions provided. The downside to penis pumps is the fact that the results quite often are only temporary.

Jelqing Exercises

Jelqing is reportedly an ancient Arabic method for enlarging the penis without the use of any appliances or medications. All it takes is two hands and the proper technique. Although there are dozens of variations the basic procedure is to stimulate the penis to roughly 75% of a full erection then, create an “O-ring” with your thumb and index finger around the base of the penis and “milk” it all the way up to the base of the head. This method forces blood up through the organ and stretches the underlying tissue.

There is no scientific basis to say Jelqing works, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. The downside to using this method is the fact that it will take 10 to 15 minutes of your day to do properly. It can also cause injury if you are fully erect or you apply too much pressure.

Traction Devices

Traction devices are now among the most popular of all the penile enlargement options. A good traction device takes advantage of the principles of Jelqing without incorporating blood flow. A traction device applies a gentle pulling pressure on the penis which results in small, painless microscopic tears in the underlying tissue. As the tissue rebuilds itself it fills in the tears, effectively adding both length and girth.

Traction is generally accepted as being an effective way to grow your penis. But you must be careful to get a device that’s been medically tested and won’t apply excessive pressure; it should have the ability to control the amount of tension.


Penis enlargement through surgery is something that’s rarely done. Usually when men go under the knife it’s to correct some sort of underlying condition rather than simply adding size. Unfortunately, the Mayo Clinic says the vast majority of men who undergo surgery are not satisfied with the results; typically surgery can only add about a half-inch. All surgeries do carry with them the risk of infection and other complications; things you probably don’t want to deal with in the area of your penis.

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