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There’s an App For That – The Phone App That Deals with Penis Size

Penis Size App

Men have been obsessed about penis size since around about forever. Ancient texts, hieroglyphics and artwork each have their examples of penis size and sex mentioned in one way or another. Size is important for a number of reasons, including simple human nature. We’re a competitive species by nature and so that plays a role in the importance of size. Today, human sexuality is so widely studied and discussed that it’s easy to find out the average for any given country and so many men like to know how they measure up against the competition.

Another reason why men want to know about size is that condoms today are made to be more comfortable and pleasurable for men. Thinner materials and a snug fit can help reduce some of the problems associate with condom use, such as a lack of sensation.

Finally, there’s the simple issue of penis enlargement. Some guys want to increase their size simply because they want to be well within the normal range or, better yet, a bit above. While size isn’t always the motivation for a man to go through the enlargement process, it’s certainly one of the bigger motivating factors.

Getting Answers With Your Smartphone

These days we don’t think twice about using our smartphones to look up the answer to any question that might take our fancy. Whether we want to know what song someone is using in a commercial or how far away Venus is from the sun, the answer is a few swipes away.

Normally, you wouldn’t think that same approach would work when it comes to finding out about your own penis size and how it compares to others but now there’s a new app that can do just that.

The Condom Size iPhone app is a downloadable program you can use on both the iPhone and the iPad to measure both length and girth. The program then shows how you compare to national averages as well as globally. It also uses your measurements to suggest the right condom size and type and gives men tips on condom use and other related data.

Another use for this type of app is that it can help men who are undergoing penis enlargement to track their progress and see how their gains help them advance through the global rankings in terms of size. With measurements for both length and girth, guys can note the measurements quickly and easily and keep all their data right there on their phone.

Condom Size isn’t the only penis measuring app available and now there are a handful of apps on the market for both iPhone and Android users. The developers of these apps hope that they can educate men about the truth when it comes to average penis size and also help guys who want penis enlargement to see if they need it in terms of truly measuring up or if they should consider enlargement for their self-confidence instead.

Whatever the reason, the connection between these types of apps and penis enlargement is easy to see. Fans hope there will soon be apps that can log the measurements directly in the program in order to create charts to show gains over time. This would help men get a better idea of their progress and could help future customers be able to compare the overall efficacy of one model over another.

In the end, it seems that smartphones truly do have a place in just about every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s a simple answer you want or something a bit more complicated, the apps available for phone rise to meet the need. Smartphone apps for dieting and physical training are commonplace and mainstream now and it seems that soon the same will be true for male enhancement.

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