Three Bizarre Findings From Studies on Worldwide Penis Sizes

Worldwide Penis Sizes

In the world of sexual research, studies on average penis size have become commonplace. They are a significant source of study as a part of general male sexual and psychological health. Most studies include the mention of average length, overall size and girth statistics as a part of their background information or in order to determine a regional or national average. These latter studies focus their entire findings on size and the findings themselves often make a quick headline for the country in which they are published but then don’t get seen again. Here we’ll take a closer look at three random findings from one researcher who combed through a number of studies in order to draw some global conclusions.

The Biggest of the Bunch

With any study or research findings like this, people want to know who has come out on top, so to speak. This is no different and when Richard Lynn revealed the Top 10 his research had uncovered, several global media outlets jumped on the news. Perhaps the most amusing came from the UK’s Daily Mail which led with the gloating headline “We knew it all along: British men have bigger penises than the French”. Joking aside, the study listed the following countries as the Top 10:

Country Average Size
(erect, in inches)
Congo (Braz) 7.06
Ecuador 7
Congo (Zaire) 6.82
Ghana 6.81
Colombia 6.7
Venezuela 6.7
Lebanon 6.62
Cameroon 6.56
Iceland 6.5
Sudan 6.48

Of course, once you know the Top 10, it’s natural to wonder about the bottom of the list as well. Bringing up the rear was South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Hong Kong, all of whom came in at 4.4 inches or under.

The Role Climate Plays

The study out of Ulster University drew some conclusions regarding the effect climate and weather could have on penis sizes based on the geographic makeup of the participants. According to his data, author Richard Lynn concluded that penis sizes tended to run on the smaller size in colder climates. This may come as no surprise to any man who has experienced acute ‘shrinkage’ due to a sudden drop in temperature. Apparently, given enough time in a colder climate, penis size can be affected to a point where these areas are more likely to have men who actively seek out penis enlargement products and methods.

Link Between Penis Size and IQ?

IntelligenceAnother interesting correlation uncovered by Lynn was between penis size and overall IQ. Although IQ tests are still considered to be somewhat subjective, Lynn included the comparisons in his report. His findings were that smaller penis size was linked to a higher level of IQ, giving men all over the world a bit of a boost. Some people who have responded to the paper theorize the smaller size / larger IQ correlation is nothing more than coincidence while others point out that men with smaller penises may simply channel more energy into academics in order to be a more attractive mate.

Since the study was a mix of self-reported measurements as well as those measured by a doctor, many scientists have cast doubt on its overall findings. Nevertheless, Lynn’s findings shed new light not only on average penis sizes and possible correlations between climate and intelligence, but also in how men report their own statistics. One section of the final paper focuses solely on how much exaggeration there is when it comes to self-reported measurements which make the reader and the researcher reconsider the populations of men who self-reported the smallest measurements. Are the men simply being modest? Whatever the reason, this report makes it clear the public’s interest in male sexual health and how men see themselves continues to run high. The report also gives new hope to men who have always felt they didn’t measure up since now they can have a clearer idea as to how their fellow countrymen – and men from all over the world – really measure up.

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