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Tips for Using a Penis Extender

If you’ve heard the phrase “go big or go home” you might understand why so many men are interested in having a bigger penis. Right or wrong, men tend to judge their masculinity and ability to perform by the size of their package; so much so that the male enhancement industry is one of the fastest growing in the United States. Penis Extenders: Go Big or Go HomeLeading the way among the different types of products in this category is the penis extender device; the Quick Extender Pro is a good example of one of these devices.

In addition to those instructions, here are five practical tips you can use to achieve maximum benefit. Please note that individual results from and device will vary.The Quick Extender Pro and its industry cousins help to encourage penis enlargement through a process known as “traction”. The device applies a gentle but steady tension on the shaft of the penis thereby encouraging cell growth within the spongy tissue. It is a method that has been used for centuries to add size to all sorts of body tissue. Yet in order to gain the maximum benefit from such a device while also being safe, users need to follow the instructions that come with your device.

Start Slowly

Men tend to be very gung-ho when they start new project they are passionate about. In other words, the “all or nothing” mentality is part and parcel of being a man. But that mentality could cause you a lot of trouble when it comes to penis enlargement. Remember that in the penis is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body and should therefore be treated with the utmost respect.

When you first start using your device never exceed the amount of time printed in the instructions. If you need to limit yourself to 2 to 4 hours per day in order to avoid discomfort, that’s fine. You have all the time of the world to let the device work its magic. No need to rush things.

Eventually you will probably work your way up to 6 or 8 hours per session. But for many men, achieving that goal takes 3 to 6 months. Be patient; you will get there in due time.

Protect the Frenulum

In some men the frenulum is very sensitive and can be easily irritated with the use of a penis extender. In case you don’t know, the frenulum is that band of elastic tissue that pulls the foreskin over the glans and keeps it in place when the penis is in flaccid state. If yours is particularly sensitive or prone to tears, you can protect it by covering it with a piece of gauze prior to strapping on the device. If you need to use a little lubricant underneath the gauze, that’s perfectly acceptable as well.

Take Breaks throughout the Day

Whether you’re using your device for 4 hours per day or 8, you should take regular breaks to avoid a painful experience. Every couple of hours it’s a good idea to remove the device for 10 to 15 minutes and gently massage the penis with a lotion or cream specifically designed for that purpose. During this time is essential that you not masturbate as it could damage the underlying tissue that is already stressed. The point of massaging the penis during your breaks is to encourage blood flow, not to achieve orgasm.

Don’t Use the Penis Extender Every Day

Some experts suggest that you not use your penis extender every single day. Some suggest two days on, one day off; others suggest any combination of five days on end two days off. As the thinking goes, taking some time off between uses helps the recovery process and may even speed up in some cases. This same principle is used by athletes who are trying to build muscle mass and strength. You might want to check with the instructions that came with your device to see if the manufacturer has made any recommendations.

Wear Loose Clothing

It should be obvious, but you should always wear loose fitting clothing whenever you’re using your penis extender. Tight underwear, for example, can cause the device to lie in an awkward position and put undue stress on the penis. The same can be said for pants that are too tight.

As you wear the device you want it to apply enough tension that you can feel it while still being comfortable. Tight clothes tend to make that impossible.

Along the same lines, you should never wear your device to bed at night. If it got tangled in sheets or blankets it could completely cut off your circulation and cause a medical emergency.

The instructions that come with your device will probably have a list of further tips you can try. Feel free to employ any that work for you.

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