Traction, Suction or Surgery – What’s the Best Method for Penis Enlargement?

Man making a decision

Once upon a time, penis enlargement was pretty much a pipe dream. Some products claimed they could get the job done but that was rarely the case. Sometimes the fault lied with

users and simply not knowing how best to use the product but, more often than not, shoddy devices were to blame.

Thankfully, all that has changed over the past few years and while it is still important to shop wisely by doing your research, it is completely possible to find high quality devices that actually work. There are plenty of both vacuum pump and penis traction devices that can deliver real results. There are even surgical options available today that can offer stunning results.

So how do men decide which option is right for them?

It comes down to a mixture of what a man’s goals are and how much he’s willing to go through in order to get it.

Let’s begin with vacuum pumps. Vacuum pumps are the earliest form of personal penis enlargement devices and have been available for more than a century. They’re reliable and do deliver impressive results. These devices focus almost entirely on girth (some men do report a bit more length but this isn’t considered usual) and the results come about almost immediately. The issue with this form of enlargement is that it is temporary. The increase of girth stays with a man for an evening but no longer. Some men have claimed that repeated, controlled use of vacuum pumps have resulted in long term gains with girth but there isn’t much data yet on this use of the devices.

Next up we have penis traction devices that deliver gains in terms of length. Penis traction devices have been used for a long time and they utilize the same scientific principle older methods did in order to achieve results. Simply put, they use a small amount of force over a long period of time to stretch the penis. Doing it slowly mitigates or, in some cases, completely eliminates any concerns about losing girth in favor of length. The catch with using a penis traction device is that they demand a lot of time and an adherence to an admittedly strict routine on the part of the user. Men have to wear the devices for up to 8 to 10 hours a day – every day – for at least 6 weeks before they can start tracking improvements.

Experts also recommend that men use complementary massage techniques around the groin area to enhance the efficacy of penis traction devices. This adds extra time to the process and adds to the expectations men need to meet in order to make it worthwhile. On the other hand, these devices have been proven to work. In clinical studies, penis traction devices were found to deliver measurable results when used properly.

SurgeryFinally, we have surgery. Surgery was always seen as an easier option but even with the most advanced techniques, it’s still a fairly grueling process. The surgery itself is obvious quite intense. One method that has delivered stunning results uses a combination of skin lengthen and implants in order to deliver gains of well over 2 inches in length. These results are, however, hard won. The surgery itself comes with a heal time of around 8 weeks and, during the healing process, men are advised to wear a penis traction device. Final results are delivered around 6 months. The price tag is as intimidating as the process with estimates starting at roughly $10,000.

Choosing a penis enlargement method isn’t easy. Not only are there a fair few choices these days, each one offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately, men have to base their decision on what they want as their final result as well as what they can realistically do. By understanding each method, men can make a more well informed decision in order to invest their money, time – and body – wisely.

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