Should You Use a Vacuum Pump or a Penis Extender?

Vacuum penile extender

With today’s readily accessible technologies, purchasing a male enhancement product is incredibly easy. Internet websites which sell penis extenders and vacuum pumps ensure than men around the world can make the purchases they desire from the safety and privacy of their homes. Thanks to this development, the male enhancement industry has grown exponentially. However, men are often confused and unsure which style of device they should purchase, and many times do not feel comfortable asking for advice.

Choosing the Right Male Enhancement System

By and large, there are only two standard styles of penis enlargement devices, vacuum pumps and penis extenders. While some may believe that these tools are the same, they are actually very different. Each offers a unique male enhancement solution, and each functions differently with the human body.

A penile vacuum pump is just that, a vacuum device that is operated manually on the penis. Since its inception and beginning sale in the 1900’s, vacuum pumps have become very popular. When the device is used properly, the suction created by the pump draws excess blood into the penis, thereby engorging it. It is because of this somewhat instant result that many men appreciate a vacuum device. When the blood travels in excess to the cell membranes of the penis, the penis actually swells up, adding girth. In rare instances, a vacuum system can add to the overall length of the penis, but it is rare. As the use of this device grants relatively immediate results, many men find that using it prior to intercourse enhances their sexual encounters. The blood that is drawn into the penis is not permanent, though some men have reported that their girth has increased over a long period of use.

A penis extender is utilized specifically by men who desire to add length to their penis. The process, when done correctly, can permanently add to their length. Penis extenders are effective thanks to traction, a constant pulling pressure that is applied to the penis. Increasing the length of the penis without losing inherent girth is a slow and sometimes tedious process. Penis extenders must be used for hours each day, and for at least 6 to 8 weeks. After this time, the man should see a noticeable difference in the length of their penis. The science behind a penis extender is straight forward, yet some find it disturbing. As the traction is applied to the penis, the cells inside the penis are gently stretched and torn. After this tearing occurs (at a molecular level) new cells are created to fill in the gaps. Through this “filling” process, the penis gradually grows longer.

Which Device is Right For You?

Understanding the primary differences between these two devices is the first step to male enhancement. Next, a man must determine what his goals are. Does he wish to have a longer penis or a wider penis? A mans motivation for penis enlargement plays a very big role in making this decision. There are some men who feel that they have a penis that is too short, when they actually are the same size as a majority of men. On average, the human male has a 5 inch penis, when fully erect. Even though you may hear men talk about their eight plus inches, they are almost always exaggerating. Another thing to consider is what their sexual partner would enjoy. Many women could care less about the length of a penis, as long as it is somewhere near the average size. Width or girth is what gives more pleasure to a woman, so that is often more important to them. If you wish to enhance your sexual encounters and give your partner more pleasure, than a vacuum pump is the right option for you. If you are seeking to permanently increase your length, to feel better about yourself and your appearance, then a penis extender is what you should purchase.

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