Using a Penis Extender and its effects on your Relationship

Quite often when people think about the benefits of the penis extender device they think only of the man using the device; and while it is true that he is the one who will undoubtedly be happiest with the development of his penis it is important to remember that it will affect his partner and their relationship as a whole as well.

To fully understand how the penis extender can have an effect on relationships, we should look at some common scenarios which can lead a man to consider using such a device in the first place.

Scenario #1

The man has been plagued by the thought that his penis is too short for as long as he can remember.  He is in a loving relationship and enjoys a healthy sex life with his partner.  Unfortunately, the voice in his head which tells him that he is inadequate in the trouser department does not fade over time, but only gets stronger.

Soon enough, he believes that he is not satisfying his partner due to the size, or lack of, of his penis.  This paranoid feeling begins to manifest itself by affecting his libido.  He no longer wants to have sex because he is afraid that his partner will ridicule him or be disappointed in him.  He withdraws from sex and rarely, if ever initiates intimacy on any level for fear that she may want sex and then be disappointed.

Meanwhile, the man’s partner has noticed a change in the man.  Every time she wants to be close with him he pulls away.  This triggers thoughts that he may no longer find her attractive or even that he is having an affair.

Neither partner can voice their concerns so the frustration can quickly turn to resentment through lack of understanding.

How the extender will help

Firstly the extender device is extremely discreet.  Men can use it throughout the day whilst at work and their partners need never know that it exists.

As the man’s penis becomes larger, so does his confidence.  He becomes sure of himself and his ability to satisfy his partner.  His desire for sex is no longer tainted by his fear of ridicule and he begins to initiate sex once more.

His partner is pleased to notice the new found appetite for sex and his obvious attraction to her once more.  They are able to lead a sexually fulfilled life together which relieves stress and brings about feelings of intimacy, allowing them to resume a normal relationship once more without any feelings of paranoia for one another.

Scenario #2

A man injures his penis while having particularly vigorous sex with his partner.  Slowly but surely, he notices a curve in his penis.  As the symptom persists and worsens, he begins to pull away from his partner, stating that it is too difficult or painful to have sex.

The couple goes to a doctor who tells them that there is a surgery to straighten the penis but it comes with the following risks:

  • Infection from the surgery.
  • Allergic reaction to the anaesthetic.
  • Shortening of the penis.
  • Irreversible damage to the nerves around the penis, leading to erectile dysfunction.

The surgery is also expensive and with all the risks the couple decides against it.  Unfortunately this leads to a poor or even non-existent sex life.  Whilst sex is not the most important part of a relationship, it does have its role and in a case such as this, where both partners are not adverse to the idea of having sex but instead are forced into a situation where sex is absent, it can cause frustration, paranoia and depression for either partner.

How the penis extender can help

Penis extenders are the only other proven method by which to straighten a curved penis.  The technique used has been used for thousands of years.

Simply put, tension is applied to the shorter side of the penis where a plaque-like substance has built up in the tissue due to the injury.  This substance has prohibited the penis from lengthening on that side and instead causes the penis to crease or bend in that direction.

Although the tension is applied to all sides of the penis, the shorter side is pulled more because of its resistance.  This allows that side to stretch more than the other so that, over the course of the months, both sides become a similar length and as such the penis is straightened.  The treatment is completely safe to use, presenting none of the risks that surgery does.

With a straighter penis, there is no pain with erection and intercourse is no longer difficult.  The couple is able to resume a normal sex life and share moments of intimacy with each other.

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