Penis Enlargement Questions and Answers

Do Weight Lifters Need to Worry About Penis Enlargement?

Body Builder

Weightlifting has a long and colourful history as a hobby and professional sport. Weightlifting and body building is a form of exercise many men enjoy and, when they are advised to increase their physical activity, many men think about hitting the gym. Part of the reason for this sport’s popularity is how versatile it is. If a man simply wants to improve his overall fitness he can engage in moderate weightlifting or muscle building exercises and, for those who want to take it farther, it’s a fairly simple process to increase the intensity.

Weightlifting or body building is a great way to improve your overall physical fitness and many men also enjoy the act of ‘bulking up’ by building muscle. As men get bigger, however, it’s important to keep an eye on keeping yourself proportionate. Bulking up your torso or legs is a great way to increase core strength, but too much can make a person look disproportionate, especially when it comes to your penis. That doesn’t mean that weightlifting has a direct effect on penis size (it absolutely doesn’t) but the aesthetics can have an indirect effect on how that size it perceived.

When Size Matters

Debate on how much size matters has been going on ever since the first man thought to measure himself. A number of clinical studies, magazine polls and countless internet surveys about whether or not size really matters and to what extend it does matter. Generally speaking, the results have shown that size does matter, but not exclusively. There are a number of clichés about technique mattering more than size and these clichés have become common for a reason – there’s a grain of truth to them.

One study found that women overwhelmingly placed more emphasis on size when the size of a man’s penis seemed disproportionate to the rest of his body. The focus wasn’t solely on the length or girth, but how well it matched the rest of a man’s body type. For the average sized man, this means having a penis that falls within the accepted average of 4.5 – 6 inches when erect. But for men who spent a fair amount of time hitting the gym it could mean needing to consider penis enlargement options in order to stay in proportion.

The other sexual performance issue raised by weightlifting or body building is how that can impact a man’s ability to thrust deeply. Ironically, it’s the same concern men have when they are at the other end of the spectrum and are carrying around excess weight around the midsection or thighs. The extra muscle (or weight) inhibits a man’s ability to thrust as deeply as he may have been able to in the past. Once again, this can affect his sexual satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of his partner. This is another case where some extra length can solve the problem and restore his sex life back to what he is accustomed to.

Physical fitness is about more than just looking good, it’s also about feeling good. This includes feelings of general health as well as being able to engage in all the activities you want, including a healthy sex life. For men who take up weightlifting or body building, penis enlargement may be the missing piece of the puzzle. In many cases, simple penis enlargement methods can give men that extra bit of length they need to keep their penis size in tune with the shape and size of their new body. As an added bonus, the extra size can also give them a boost in terms of self-esteem and performance as they learn about new positions or techniques to make the most out of their new strength and their enhanced size.

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