What is Penis Traction?

“Penis traction” is a scientific term relating to penis stretching. Traction is applied by a penile traction device, or penis extender, such a the Quick Extender Pro. The device exerts a constant traction (stretch) on to the penis, which in time will cause an increase in length and girth. The penis enlargement process is done through cellular division.

A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research concluded that penis traction devices are effective at enlarging the penis. The enlargement correlates with the amount of time the device is worn.

Link to the Study

Penis traction: It makes sense

The human body is an incredible machine. It is able to adapt to many different environments and situations. My favorite example of the body’s ability to adapt, one that I often use when talking to potential resellers and customers, is that of a  tribe in Thailand called the Kayans.

Kayan Tribe
Kayan Tribe

What makes the tribe unique is the characteristic neck rings worn by the women of the tribe. Essentially these rings feature single brass coils encircling the neck. Initially, the coil is placed when the girl is five years old; as she grows, it is replaced by a longer coil.

For some, it’s important to have a long neck, for us men, it’s important to have a long penis. So if they can elongate their necks, why wouldn’t we be able to elongate our penises?

That’s where the Quick Extender Pro comes in. It uses the same principle, and can be used safely and discreetly from the comfort of your home, to enlarge your penis through the science of traction, or more specifically penis traction.

Backed by a money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose and inches to gain. If you are serious about penis enlargement, we are serious about helping you to achieve your goals.

Feel free to call us toll free for a free consultation:


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