Penile Curvature

What you need to Know about a Bent or Crooked Penis

If you suffer from a bent or crooked penis, you don’t have to resort to invasive and painful surgical procedures in order to rectify the situation. Once you understand what causes this problem, you can take measures into your own hands to straighten your penis without letting this problem negatively affect your life.

Many men who suffer from this problem also suffer from psychological effects, such as depression, low self-esteem or lack of confidence. A severe penile curvature will lower your erection quality, size and cause discomfort to both partners during sexual intercourse. When one begins to experience difficulty in the bedroom, it begins to spill onto other parts of a man’s life creating feelings of deep depression and self-resentment. Information is the key to solving this problem and armed with the proper knowledge you no longer have to suffer in silence. Millions of men worldwide struggle with this problem and you will be happy to know that the solution is out there.

What Causes a Bent or Crooked Penis?

A bent or crooked penis can be caused by two things: an injury or an underlying physiological condition. Although the underlying physiological conditions are rare, they can have a greatly negative impact on a man’s life and this is why it is important to understand the causes and find the right treatment to resolve the problem.

One of the underlying physiological conditions that cause a bent or crooked penis is called Peyronie’s disease and this occurs when scar tissue forms underneath the skin of penis, causing it to become inflamed. This problem is most common in men over 40 but it is possible for younger men to suffer from the same problem. Another cause of this problem is a penile fracture, or injury that ruptures a cylinder within the penis while it is extended causing it to become crooked.

There are many reasons why a penis becomes crooked and it is always a good idea to speak to a medical practitioner before making your own assumptions. If you are suffering from this problem then you might want to talk to your doctor about the causes to ensure that you are not suffering from an autoimmune problem. If your penis has recently been fractured you will need to seek medical attention as soon as possible to ensure that you have not caused long term damage to your member.

Varying Degrees of a Crooked Penis

There are varying degrees to which a penis can become crooked or curve and while some men may suffer from a slight form of this problem others might find it impossible to have intercourse due to the severity of the curvature. No matter how extensive the problem is, however, there is a solution and you don’t need to go through a painful surgery to find it. By finding a solution to this problem you will not only enhance your confidence but you will also find it easier to conduct most activities, such as relieving yourself or having sexual intercourse.

The Penis Extender: the Answer to a Crooked Penis

A penis extender is one of the best options available for men who have a crooked or bent penis. This simple to use device is worn for just a few hours a day and will apply an opposite force to the existing curvature gradually countering the curve and straightening it out. Penis extenders, depending on the brand, typically report a success rate of 80-95% and this is making them all the more popular with men who are looking for answers to this particular problem and physicians who are searching for treatment methods that do not require painful and potentially dangerous surgery. Due to the high reported success rate of patients, physicians are now suggesting this type of treatment to men all over the world who are suffering from this problem and the great results are speaking for themselves.

The Quick Extender Pro penis extender

Many professionals around the world are advocating penis extenders as the solution to a crooked or bent penis and the advantages of this method are numerous. The Quick Extender Pro is one of the most popular penis extender’s on the market and it is both, effective and non invasive. This device is made from 100% hypoallergenic medical grade synthetics and it is both durable and lightweight carrying a CE certification ensuring top quality. The Quick Extended Pro makes use of the patented Double Strap System that will extend the penis from the tip right down the length of the shaft to ensure that maximum results are achieved. When purchasing this penis extender you are guaranteed superior results as the Quick Extender Pro is covered by an unbeatable lifetime warranty and a 6 months money back guarantee. The Quick Extender Pro curvature correction package is available online at and for a limited time, shipping is free. Each package is shipped 100% discretely guaranteeing you complete privacy. If you would like more information of Peyronie’s disease, bent penis, crooked penis or penis curvature, please visit or call toll free 1-888-800-6987 where live and knowledgeable agents are standing by ready to assist.

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