Why Penis Traction Works

Why Penis Traction Works

Wanting to change the shape of your body is nothing new. Body modification has existed in one form or another for years and, when it comes to male enlargement, penis traction

has a long history as a proven method for men who want results. In fact, penis traction has been in use for generations. When we look at the history of penis enlargement, it’s easy to see that men have known about the efficacy of traction long before any clinical studies.

Men have been searching for way to increase the size and change the shape of their penis since pretty much the dawn of man. Even the Kama Sutra discusses ways to enhance the shape of a man’s penis. In ancient times, there were no true devices men could purchase, but they did share their own information on the methods that worked best.

In the ancient Middle East men used small weights they attached to their penis with string. Since male dress there has always been fairly loose, men could wear the weights all day long without worry. They used only small weights – usually small pebbles – in order to avoid injury. The system was slow, but produced results reliable – and impressive – enough to become the most popular method at the time. Similar methods can be found in other areas all over the world.

So How Does Penis Traction Work?

These methods worked well because they were grounded in a solid scientific principle. It’s the same principle that is the foundation for modern day devices as well. It’s the result of tension, delivered through traction, in order to slowly elongate the penis. Put simply – you’re stretching your penis.

The act of stretching the body to change its shape is nothing new. People stretch the piercings in their ears in order to wear gauges. In some parts of the world, women and men in various tribes will stretch their lips or even their necks through the practice of traction.

The key to using penis traction successfully is to embrace the journey without rushing to the destination. Any type of body modification makes a lot of demands on your body. By going through the process slowly, you’ll reduce the intensity of side effects associated with the process.

When it comes to penis enlargement, the most common side effect is slight pain or tenderness around the groin. Wearing your penis traction device shouldn’t be painful, however. If you experience sudden and intense pain while wearing the device, lessen the intensity until it simply feels more like pressure as opposed to pain.

But after your sessions are over, it is normal to feel a bit render and sore. You can help lessen the discomfort by giving yourself a massage around the groin. It also helps if you warm the area before putting your device on each day. Simply cover your penis and groin with a warm, slightly damp washcloth for a few minutes. It helps if you give yourself a massage before putting the device on as well. It helps to loosed the tissues and makes them more pliable. Beginning and ending with a massage will help to lessen the discomfort and can also improve your overall results since the tissue will be more flexible and pliable overall.

By understanding how penis traction works, men can find ways to make the process easier and even more effective. It also gives them an advantage when it comes to shopping around and evaluating different models. In the end, understand the how and why of penis enlargement will make it easier to reach your goals safely and with permanent results

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