Quick Extender Pro

Why Women Support the Quick Extender Pro

It’s obvious why men want to have a longer, larger penis: they want to impress women and get them into bed as often as they can!  But why would women want men to use the Quick Extender Pro to get a bigger penis?  After all, aren’t they Why Women Support the Quick Extender Prothe ones always going on and on about how it’s not the size that matters but how you use it?  Well, the truth is that women do enjoy a large penis, but it actually goes way beyond that.  Maybe women say what they really like is how their men act once they have increased the length of their erections.

Sometimes, especially if they believe they are on the small side, men are a bit embarrassed about the size of their penis.  This can make them timid and un-confident.  They may believe that they’re not going to be able to satisfy a woman.  They might think that their partner will be so unhappy with the sex that she will leave them.  Women pick up on this, and these self-doubts can actually be what destroys the relationship and makes the sex bad, not the fact that the man is a little on the small side.

When a man feels like his erection measures up, he has a lot more confidence in the bedroom.  Women love confident men, and they say that sex is much better when a man isn’t constantly wondering if he’s measuring up.  Many girlfriends and wives support their men using the Quick Extender Pro, and they don’t think guys are weird for wanting to enlarge their penis.  They see it as the equivalent of a breast enlargement, and they agree that a bigger penis almost always means better sex.

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