Are Women Really That Concerned About Penis Size?

Are women concerned about penis size

The size of a guy’s manhood, and whether or not it measures up, is a common topic today. We tend to see quite a bit of reference to the importance of size on television and the internet, and some ladies are often gossiping with their friends about a lover they know. Thanks to these commonplace phenomena, there is a misconception that women are far more concerned with penis size than their male counterparts.

The truth is far different, however. Throughout the entire world, it is far more common for men to fixate on penis size, much more so than women. In the male brain, the size of the penis is evolutionary linked to the man’s masculinity, even their conceived ability to breed and provide for the home. While this Neanderthal concept may seem silly on the surface, it is the truth nonetheless.

Why is Size Important?

Truthfully, size is not important. Many men and women may disagree with this statement, from an aesthetic or pleasure standpoint, but scientifically it does not matter. A man can be 3 inches or 13 inches, as long as the inner workings of the male reproductive system are functional, then the human species will survive. So if size does not technically matter, then why do we hear about it so much?

A stereotype that bigger is better has developed over the years into an ingrained philosophy. Men everywhere are convinced that they must meet a certain unattainable standard to be accepted as “real men”. This backwards and corrosive way of thinking is exactly like the ridiculous standards that women are held to regarding their weight or breast size. What we are left with is a vast majority of the population not measuring up, and then drowning in a viscous cycle of self loathing and body image issues.

What is even more astounding are the numerous penis enlargement advertisements which claim they can increase a man’s length to nearly 14 inches. This begs the question, who would really want a penis that large? The female body has no hope of handling something that size, and for many women even 7 inches can be too large. Factually, the average penis size of every man on the planet is 5 inches, when fully erect. There will always be a handful of males who are smaller than that average, and a handful that are larger. It is no different than considering the average height or shoe size of a man.

Yet, even though many men understand the science and psychology behind penis enlargement desires, there is still an increasingly popular market for the products and systems. Millions of dollars are spent each year on devices that assure added inches or overall size.

Is Size the Only Thing That Matters?

We should take the time to consider that there are men who use a penis enlargement system for a more complex reason than simply their penis size. There are a number of men who actually like the size of their manhood, but think that it is disproportionate to their overall physique.

While the evolutionary ladder that we have climbed has somewhat ensured the survival of our species, it has also embedded a great deal of vanity into our genetics. Have you ever noticed that the bodies and faces which are considered the most attractive are the ones that are the most symmetrical? Or think about the classic idea that a woman with an hourglass shaped figure is held as the most revered body type. Our genetics and instincts have trained us to look for sexual partners who are the most “perfect”, whether that is a beautifully symmetrical face, evenly proportioned breasts and hips, or a penis size that matches the rest of our body. We instinctively seek mates with these qualities, in a belief that they will help to propagate the human species successfully. As long as our genetics remain coded thus, and the social pressure to be “larger” continues, we will proceed to see a rise in penis enlargement popularity.

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