Quick Extender Pro

Your Quick Extender Pro Penis Extender Check List

Before you begin using the Quick Extender Pro to increase your penis size, you need to sit down and create a plan.  Using a penis extender device like the Quick Extender Pro is actually somewhat similar to an exercise program, and you need to be sure you can commit to it.  It does require you to put in some time each week if you want to see results.  By creating a check list and schedule before you begin, you’re more likely to stick with it and get the results you want.

First, you want to set a goal.  How long do you want to be?  How often do you want to use the Quick Extender Pro?  The product comes with a guidebook that includes several different plans.  You’ll want to pick the one that fits into your life the easiest.  This way, you’re more likely to use the Quick Extender Pro and stay on schedule since it won’t be something that interrupts your daily life.

When you’re thinking about your goals, remember to keep them realistic.  You’re unlikely to see major changes if you measure yourself each week, for example, because it does take some time for the body to add the extra length to your penis.  Instead, think about measuring monthly.  Using the materials provided with the device and looking at your schedule, you’ll be able to come up with a realistic goal for each month.

Remember to make your schedule achievable.  Don’t set a goal of using the Quick Extender Pro every day if that’s not going to be possible.  You want to keep it up and stay on track, not crash and burn because you set unreasonable goals.  Look at your daily schedule and find a good time to use the Quick Extender Pro and decide on how often you will really be able to set aside this time.

Remember, while the Quick Extender Pro will add permanent length and girth to your penis, it’s not a magic wand.  You do have to use it on a regular basis, although you can set it aside if your life becomes too hectic.  When you pick it up later, you won’t have lost any progress.

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