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Quick Extender Pro DSS System
The Next Generation Penis Extender

Quick Extender Pro Double Strap Support "DSS" System

The highly acclaimed DSS system features two medical grade silicon tubes to secure the penis shaft and head. This will result in a controlled tension and leaves no chance of slippage, which is a major issue shared by existing penis extenders.

Combined with our deluxe comfort pads, the Quick Extender Pro can now be worn for extended time periods with a secure fit. By raising comfort levels and having a tighter grip the Quick Extender Pro can now be worn longer than competing brands, getting you to your enlargement goals sooner.

Double Strap Penis Extender System

2x Support
3x Longer Wearing

Quick Extender Pro DSS system. Starting at $119.93

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Most penis extenders use one silicone tube to attach the penis to the support piece. The pressure is concentrated on a small surface of the penis, thus choking it. Over time, the pain becomes unbearable. The tension has to be tight otherwise the penis will repeatedly come loose, slowing down the enlargement process.

DSS System by Quick Extender Pro

The First Double Strap System penis extender is designed with your comfort in mind. Using 2 straps, the Quick Extender Pro distributes the strain while providing a tighter grip with no chance of slippage. A conventional extender system will constantly slip and will have to be continuously readjusted.

-- Engineering Department, Quick Extender Pro

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With our extender, you can use HALF the tension to attach the penis to the support piece. We offer you 2 silicone strap attachments. That means that the strain is distributed 50% on each silicone tube, so it is spread out in a manner that it is not painful and holds better to avoid constant slippage.

The medical grade comfort pads also contain air pockets, an exclusive new material that allows perspiration to evaporate unlike older more archaic comfort straps.

The Quick Extender Pro is a premium penis extender system and is composed entirely of medical grade materials. The rods, tension system and attachments are made of a strong and durable aluminum designed to be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

Penis Extender On Penis

Results of gaining between a quarter inch to a little under half an inch in length and girth have been reported by users.

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Quick Extender Pro is Now Available in 4 Exclusive Packages

Deluxe Limited Edition

  • $599.93


  • SAVE


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Quick Extender Pro Standard Edition

Deluxe Standard

  • $299.93


  • SAVE


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Quick Extender Pro Value Edition

Value Edition

  • $179.93


  • SAVE


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Curvature Correction and Peyronie's Edition

Curvature and Peyronies Edition

  • $299.93


  • SAVE


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