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Penis Enlargement Testimonials

Testimonials & Success Stories

Testimonials are a great way to be involved in our community and to help spread the word on a product that works. Keep in mind that we value your privacy and will not display any of your personal information without your consent.


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From: James , (England)

From: Tony , (Newark, New Jersey)

From: Eric , (Irvine, California)

From: Rob , (NSW, Australia)

From: Derrick , (via email, Houston, Texas)

Dear Quick Extender Pro,
I've been using the Quick Extender Pro for 2 months now and am extremely please with the results so far. I followed the instructions and am doing everything by the book. In 2 months, my penis has grown from 6.2 inches to 6.7 inches. Better yet, my erections are much harder then they used to be and I find that I last longer in bed. I'm really thankful I found you guys and decided to give the extender a try. I'm going to keep at it until I get my 8 inches!

Thank you!

From: Brad , (Via Email, Long Beach, California)

Hey Guys,
I ordered your system a few months ago and started using it right away. I got the deluxe standard edition and find it to be a easy to wear. I've been wearing it for around 60 days and I'm stunned. I've already gained half and inch in length wearing the Quick Extender Pro for only 2 hours a day not including weekends. My erections are harder and I gained some girth as well. I'm going to bump up my usage time and give you guys an update soon!

Thanks again!

From: S.B. , (Via Email, Long Beach, California)

Dear Quick Extender Pro,
Thank you for your product! I believe it is the best on the market, especially for the price. I gained almost an inch after 2 months (soft), and half an inch (erect). It has given me a whole new level of self confidence, and even improved my sexual function!

From: Pat, (Via Email, Ottawa Ontario Canada)

I would like to say that I am a 31 year old male from Ottawa Ontario, Canada. Like most males I was ashamed of my penile size which was 5.5" erect. I found your site and like others did my research and found that all other sites selling penis extenders were way to expensive. I'm glad to find this site and decided to give it a try thus this would be my last hope at lengthening my penis, all in all I would like to thank you guys for making such a great product that actually works and is not a gimmick because I never thought penile enlargement was possible without an operation. I went from 5.5" to 5.75" erect in approx. 2 weeks so I'm proud to say that I am now almost 6" erect and will not quit until am satisfied, I feel the difference and so does my girl friend and it has added so much more sensitivity to my penis and very quick erections at almost nothing. So thank you and keep up the good work.

From: Karl, (via Email, New York, New York)

Here is a testimonial for your website,
I am 28 year old male and I work at the hospital. After weeks of research i decided to try the Quick Extender Pro. The science behind it made sense to me. So I ordered it and received it in a few days. The first time I put it on, I felt that this was definitely the right choice. I took the time to measure and decided to keep track of everything like it says it the booklet.

I first noticed a change at about 2 weeks. Mainly in my erect size. I went from 4.8 inches to 4.95 in 2 weeks using it only for about 2 hours a day. The results were encouraging so I started to use it for between 3-4 hours a day and it became a part of my routine. 3 Months later my erect size is at 5.7 inches and I couldn't be more excited.

Most of my friends aren't even happy with 6 or 7 inch penises but for me, I would of been more than satisfied with that. It was really a big deal for me to be conscious that my size just wouldn't cut it. I went from being tiny and embarrassed to being close to average and proud.

I'm going to keep going until I feel satisfied with my size. I never would of thought in a million years that I could actually change the size of my penis.

Thank you for such a great product and keep up the good work.

From: Chris, (via Email, Los Angeles)

Dear Crew,
Well I purchased this product a month ago and I would like to say I am extremely pleased with the results I have gained, I went from 6 inches to about 6.25 in erect length in only a month!!! I will be in contact to reveal my end results.

Thank you for such a great product and keep up the good work.

From: David, (via Email, New York)

Dear Quick Extender Pro,
I purchased your Quick Extender Pro deluxe edition extender 2 months ago and wanted to email you guys to let you know how things were going. First of all, i would like to say the bonuses were definitely worth the money. I haven't finished watching all the DVD's but have learned a lot so far. The pump works great and actually helps me stay harder than usual. I'm glad I have all the spare parts that I'll ever need so I don't have to spend any more money. As for the Rizer XL, I'm planning on trying that once I find a woman to try it on :)

I've been wearing the Quick Extender Pro for about 3 hours a day religiously in the evening while on the couch watching TV. So far, i'm proud to report that I've gained a total of 1/2 an inch in length and some girth (I haven't been measuring my girth my I know it has definitely gotten thicker). I'm really surprised at how much I've gained in only 2 months.

Thanks again and look out for an update in a few more months!

From: William, (via Email in the UK)

Excellent piece of kit. Have been using for around 5 weeks and have went from 7.25 inches hard to 8.1 inches hard. There is a considerable difference in girth of my penis when flaccid and also a difference when hard. I have not adhered to a hourly per day plan but have assured that I use it for no less than 4hrs a day. Now that my penis is fully adjusted to the growth process and coupled with the dual strap system I can comfortably wear the device for several hours a day. Yesterday I had it on for 6hrs with no breaks in the evening before I went to sleep. All in all this is remarkable and only wish that I had come across the Quick Extender Pro a lot sooner.

Thank you very much

From: Alex, (via Email, Chicago)

Dear Quick Extender Pro,
I found your site while searching Google for information on penis enlargement surgery. I found the concept interesting and since the price was right and there was a 30 day money back guarantee, I decided to give it a go. After reading the booklet that comes with the device, I decided to wear it in the evenings while watching TV in bed. I'm a big movie buff so I wear the device whenever I watch a movie, I figured that would be a good way of forgetting that had it on. 30 days and about 20 movies later, I'm actually amazed that my erections are fuller and i'm almost sure I gained some size as well. I didn't bother to measure my penis before because I wasn't convinced it would work. I'm thinking about wearing it more often to speed up the process, the results so far have been encouraging. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

From: Jason, (via Email, Houston)

I bought your product because of the double strap system that you are promoting. It only made sense that it would hold the penis better with 2 straps. It has been close to 6 months that I have been using the Quick Extender Pro. My initial size was a little over 4 inches erect. I've grown about 2.5 inches in 6 months so i'm finally in the "average" range. This actually helped my sexual self esteem, I used to always wonder if girls were "faking it" to make me happy. I would like to gain a few more inches to be above average but I think i'll be taking a break for now.

Thanks for your help and honesty!

From: Bill, (via Email, Dallas)

I wanted to say your product is awesome. I have never felt more hard and thick. And i actually got results in girth after the first couple of weeks. I just wanted to say thank you for inventing the Quick Extender Pro! Keep up the good work!

From: Pablo, (Via Email, Atlanta, Georgia)

I've been using this almost a month since i bought it.

I use it 1 hour daily, at first it was difficult to use the silicone tubes, but after a few days, that was no problem. In fact this double strap gland support is a great new concept, it's so comfortable, like it says, more tension, less pain and quicker results.

About me I was 5.5 inches, now, with 1 month of daily usage of 1-2 hours I've gained half and Inch, so I'm now 6 inches long. I am very satisfied with the results.

I'll keep on going, I hope I can reach 8 or maybe more, 10 would be perfect to me.

Regards, Pablo

From: S.T., (from London, England)

I purchased my stretcher through your website. I am 39 years old. After 4 weeks I have noticed significant changes in my penis.

Firstly my erections are rock hard again and stay hard without much effort for much longer. Prior to using this device I was struggling to get a full erection and maintain an erection so I am very pleased with this. My penis is definitely thicker and fuller. Before it was lacking in depth but since using this device it is more round improving my girth. Prior to using this device I could pump my penis in a vacuum pump to 5.85 inches. After 4 weeks I am able to achieve 6.20 inches in the vacuum pump so my penis is getting longer too. I find the vacuum pump method of measuring the penis a more reliable method for comparison.

Overall, I am very happy so far. Many thanks!

From: Will R., (San Francisco)

Ok, I just finished the third month with my Quick Extender Pro, I bought the new device they are selling off the website. All I can say is that i am pretty impressed! 1 inch in length has now been added to my erections and I couldn't be more pleased. A little note to potential customers, don't be macho and READ THE MANUAL. I was struggling to put the extender on at first, until I noticed that there are pictures of how to do it. Anyhow, great product, thanks!

From: Private, (Toronto, Canada)

I never thought anything in this world could make my penis bigger. I thought everything was a myth, from pills to creams to patches. I took a chance bought a Quick Extender Pro after seeing an ad in a men’s magazine. I figured I had nothing to lose, there is a 30 days money back guarantee To my surprise I got your package three days after my order was placed. It's been two weeks since I first started using it. My penis feels larger and thicker already and my erections are harder too! I'm looking forward to continue the program and see what else this thing can do for me!

From: Rob, (Denver)

My wife bought me a Quick Extender Pro for my birthday, I thought it was a joke at first, but now i’m thinking it was present for her! To be completely honest I’m not really a small size guy, erect at around 6 ½ inches. I never thought she felt my penis was small but explained to me in a gentle way that I was unable to reach her g’spot because I was too short. I had no idea where it was and never reached it with my finger. With the help of the program, it took 6 months of occasional use and I now stand at 8 inches erect. I’m finally able to hit her g-spot in any position and she is defiantly happy with my gains.

From: Stuart L., (Washington)

I've been using this new extender for 2 months now. I must say that it is way comfier than the older version I had been using. This one does not fall off like the other ones do. The mechanisms are smoother than the last extender I had, it feels more sturdy overall. I can wear it for longer because It doesn't hurt at all, so i'm actually getting noticeably better results. I sometimes wear it for an hour a day and i'm still getting results. This is a great redesign, hats off to the engineers at Quick Extender Pro!

Testimonials disclaimer

Testimonials found on this site are examples of what the Quick Extender Pro has done for other clients, when used in accordance with our exercise regiment. However, we cannot guarantee that you will gain the same results in any case. Your results may vary and every situation is different therefore we cannot guarantee results but we do guarantee customer satisfaction. You are protected by our Money Back Guarantee Policy in the case that you're not satisfied with the performance of the Quick Extender Pro.


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Deluxe Limited Edition
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  • 3500g Springs

Value Edition

Value Edition
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  • Measuring Tape
  • 3000g Springs

Curvature & Peyronies Edition

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