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Quick Extender ProValue Edition

Why Choose Quick Extender Pro Value Edition?

The Quick Extender Pro Value Edition is ideal for users looking for a starter kit at price that makes sense. This package will reach a maximum of 7 inches and with the advanced DSS system you can enjoy great gains at a low price without compromising your comfort. Your introductory package is fully upgradable should you require additional spare parts or accessories and is covered by a limited warranty for total peace of mind. Starting out with the Quick Extender Pro Value Edition is the perfect first step in natural penis enlargement.

Quick Extender Pro Device Quick Extender Pro Device

High quality aluminum means feather weight materials for a comfortable program.

Travel Pouch Travel Pouch

Convenient travel pouch with lock.

Ergonomic Contoured Base Ergonomic Contoured Base

With a unique shape to conform to our body, you can wear it comfortable for hours.

Dual Band Support Dual Band Support

Unique dual band support for maximum comfort and stability.

Medium Aluminum Bars Medium Aluminum Bars

2 precision engineered high quality medium bars.

Small Aluminum Rods Small Aluminum Rods

6 precision engineered high quality aluminum rods.

Silicon Tubes Silicon Tubes

2 soft and lightweight silicone tubes.

Foam Pads Foam Pads

2 air pocket foam cushion for supreme comfort.

Aluminum Pivots Aluminum Pivots

Designed for smooth 180* degree movement.

Aluminum Assembly Aluminum Assembly

Precision engineered high quality aluminum assembly.

Aluminum Spring Housing Aluminum Spring Housing

Precision engineered high quality aluminum spring housing.

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  • Chris - Ipswich, AU
  • Verified User

Thank you for the fast shipping. I sent the delivery to my office and as you told me over the phone, there was no description on the box. I wanted to let Paul from customer service know that I followed his advice and only wear the device in the morning at my desk. Paul, if you are reading this, you were right. It feels very comfortable and no one know that it’s under my pants. Terrific support and speedy service. I’ll be sending you an update in the next few months.

  • Lloyd - QLD, AU
  • Verified User

Dear Customer Service, thank you for guiding me in the right direction and choosing the Value package. I have been using the device for 4 months and for someone with micropenis, I almost gave up all hope in having a normal sex life. I put on just over 1 ½ inch in size. I can officially say I’m finally able to penetrate my wife and because I feel so much more confident in bed, my orgasm have been the most powerful I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t know what to say because thank you feels like it’s not enough. But a huge thank you for a great product.

  • Michael - TX, USA
  • Verified User

Even though there isn’t a fancy white box you still get the carrying case. It’s enough to fit the whole device and accessories when I travel. I am able to wear the device easily for hours a day. It’s true, the DSS system really adds to the overall comfort of the extender and being so lightweight, it easy to forget you are wearing it sometimes. In the first few weeks I’ve noticed my erections are much harder and they appear much faster. I can already feel the increased blood flow from the stretching and the effect on my erection is huge. I’m super happy with the Value package and I glad its easy to buy accessories from your site when needed. Looking forward to the results in a few months from now! Thanks for the fast shipping.

  • Christopher - MI, USA
  • Verified User

On the surface you would think I had a perfect life; Great job, nice house, sports car and 2 amazing kids. But beneath the surface I held a secret that literally taunted me my entire life, I had a micropenis. Deep down I felt half a man and walked around with a fake smile to show the world I was normal. My wife never complained about the size of my penis, but it was never about her. Buying the Value edition was about making myself feel better, about trying to get back to normal. The Quick Extender Pro Value edition did not disappoint. It was by far painless, more comfortable and safer than any surgery I could have ever paid for. Getting 1 inch extra is for me is like climbing Mount Everest. It took me 2 ½ months but every second was worth it. I plan on wearing the device indefinitely and see how far I can take it. Thank you so much.

  • Aaron - Essex, UK
  • Verified User

Having a small penis makes me ashamed of myself and I feel that getting something to help me with that is even worse. That’s why I wanted to make sure that no one knew what I bought. They assured me that the statement on my credit card would be written to a company name with no relation to the product and that it would come in a discreet packaging. It came in a brown box that had no name on it, so no one could have been able to tell what was inside. Very happy with the way they run things.

  • Seth - Vancouver, Canada
  • Verified User

My wife bought me this product for my birthday. I never knew my small size bothered her, but I’m happy she found a way to make it better. Even though it was their cheapest edition, I have been getting real results that I don’t think you can get from others. I was about 4.5 inches erect 3 months ago and now I just got over the 6.4 inch point. I’m happy and my wife is happy.

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