Penis Enlargement

What Fuels the Penis Enlargement Industry?

What Fuels the Penis Enlargement Industry?

Men have been obsessed about penis size since just about forever and, as a result, penis enlargement has always been equally interesting. Even the Kama Sutra mentions size and offers

advice on how to enlarge your penis or simply how to make the most out of what you already have. Recently, however, the topic of penis Man's Penis Sizeenlargement has become even more popular. This – and the obsession with penis size – are fueling a whole new approach to male enhancement and sexual improvement – so what’s behind the renewed interest?

To understand this newfound popularity and interest, it’s important to understand why penis size is such an important issue for men. The size of a man’s penis has always been tied to an idea of his overall masculinity. A “real” man packs a large package – or so goes the conventional wisdom. But science is bearing out something else. Sure, size is important but it turns out that the biggest isn’t always the very best. At the end of the day, men want a larger penis because they want to be seen as manly and attractive to women. So that means the real questions is what do women want from men in terms of penis size and sexual performance?

Several studies have found that women don’t necessarily want a man with the biggest penis – they want a man with a penis that is proportionate to the rest of his body. A larger man with a small penis will be off-putting for sure. But what most men don’t realize is that an overly large penis on a small or even average sized guy will be just as much of a turn off.

For guys interested in penis enlargement, this means that deciding what size is right isn’t always a straight-forward issue. And more often than not, it also meant that guys thought no enlargement option could really work. But it’s easier than they think to find the right size and, thanks to advancement in the male enhancement industry, there are many reliable and effective options.

Over the past few years, penis enlargement devices have become the focus of several studies. Researchers have found that traction style devices are actually effective when used properly and worn for several weeks or even months. This new insight and frank discussion about how enlargement devices work have made them a hot topic again.

This renewed interest in enlargement means the whole discussion has come full circle and we are back to where we began – why is size so important?

Because it is. Is actually and really is.

Sure there are women who swear it’s not about how big a man’s penis is – it’s really about how well he knows how to use it. There is a kernel of Size does mattertruth to that – even the most perfectly proportioned penis is useless if a man can’t perform well. But at the end of the day size DOES matter. Perhaps not as much as some people think – but it definitely matters.

While a lot of people complain about how long it takes to see results using penis enlargement devices, the fact of the matter is the length of time it take can actually work in a man’s favor. As a man begins to see results he can easily begin to taper off the use of the device while improving his performance to make the most out of the increased length he has achieved.

The best way to do this is to track progress meticulously and spend time during the enlargement process learning about new positions and techniques. This way, a man is able to improve his physical attributes and boost his performance which means he can finally stop worrying about size once and for all.

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