Penis Pumps: The Truth

Men who wish to increase the size of their penis will undoubtedly look at all available options to see which is the most likely to have the desired effect.

There are many products and surgeries which claim to create a bigger penis, so many in fact that common sense would tell that not all of them actually work.  If this was the case, men would certainly be taking full advantage of them by now and they would be in less demand.

  • Penis extender devicesStretching the penis by traction over a period of time (usually six to eight hours a day over a period of several months) is one of the most successful forms of penis enlargement to date.  As the penis is stretched, the skin tears and whilst it heals, the length and girth of the penis are increased proportionately.  There is no surgery involved and for a one-time payment, the device is free to be used whenever is best for the user.
  • Penis enlargement surgery can be extremely risky.  In some cases of surgeries going wrong, men have been known to actually decrease the size of their penis rather than enlarge it.  Other surgeries may increase the girth or length of the penis, but do so in a way that looks disproportionate and cause other aesthetic anomalies.
  • Male enhancement supplements often serve only to increase the strength of erection.  This can sometimes have a pleasant side-effect of making the penis temporarily larger whilst in its erect state, but there is no permanence to this method.  The pills are better used for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, loss of libido or premature ejaculation.
  • Penis enlargement exercises are somewhat of a myth.  There is no definitive answer as to whether or not they work.  There are testimonials from people who are both for and against the exercises with good and bad experiences.  Some professionals stand by their opinion that no kind of exercise will enlarge the penis as it does not function like a normal muscle as some others would suggest.  However, they are free to do and many men often consider this course of action before any other.

Penis pumps

There are two different types of penis pumps that use similar methods that are carefully adapted in each case.

Three part pump: The pump gets its name from the amount of components which make up the complete device which are:

  1. Cylinders
  2. Reservoir of fluid
  3. Pump

Cylinders are placed within the penis inside the chambers that are used to hold blood during erection.  The cylinders have tubes running from them to a reservoir of fluid.  The whole device is operated by a hydraulic pump which, when activated, pumps fluid from the reservoir into the cylinders along the penis, mimicking the blood flow into the erection chambers that would normally occur during the erection process.  Just as the penis would do normally, it becomes harder with the more fluid that is sent and contained in the cylinders.

The pump is placed under the skin in between the testicles.  To use the device, the man simply presses the pump to initiate the process.  The device has no effect on the ejaculation process whatsoever so men can still climax in the same way without any problems and the pump will not affect their fertility.

Two piece pump: Again, as the name suggests, there are only two pieces to this particular pump.  This is because, in this model, the pump and the reservoir are combined.  This means that the reservoir must be made smaller to be able to accommodate the pump itself.  The method of use and mechanical operation is exactly the same as the three piece model and for many men the results do not differ.  However, some men may experience weaker erection strength because of the smaller amount of fluid that is able to be held and sent from the reservoir.

Flexible rods: Inserted down the length of the penis, flexible rods are simply bent upwards when an erection is desired and down when there is no longer need of one.  This method is not technically a pump but is a similar alternative.  Many people nowadays choose to use the pumps as opposed to the rods for the simple fact that many men are uncomfortable with having a semi-hard penis at all times.


Flexible rods can help with penile curvature, but unlike both of the pump options, they do not look or feel natural in any way, especially whilst the penis is in its flaccid state.

Both pumps and rods are extremely beneficial for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, as they are tailor-made to simulate erection.  Unfortunately, because the use of the pumps and the rods replaces the actual biological process of erection, once the devices are removed, which they will be eventually as they will cause tissue deterioration around the areas they are implanted, there is a high possibility that the body will have completely lost the ability to gain an erection naturally.

Whilst there are adaptations that can be made with the cylinders to increase the length of the penis, if there is no problem with ED and a man simply wishes to increase penis size, one of the previously mentioned methods would be far more advisable.

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