Peyronie's Disease

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

If you’re never heard of Peyronie’s Disease, you should count yourself lucky.  This documented medical condition is a type of tissue disorder that affects a small percentage of all men.  Studies once showed it affected only about two or three percent of all guys, but more recent research (and more men coming forward with this somewhat embarrassing condition) has shown that it may actually affect more.

So what does it mean to have Peyronie’s Disease?  If you have it, you’ll find fibrous scar tissue are growing in the soft tissue of your penis.  This tissue can harden and cause pain, a narrowing or shortening of your erections, and a very abnormal curvature of the penis.  The penis is naturally curved when erect, and about 20 percent of all men are born with a simple penile curvature.  It’s no big deal, and using something like the Quick Extender Pro can correct these simple curvatures.  It does so by acting like a brace, applying a bit of force to gradually reverse the curvature.

The Quick Extender Pro can help with Peyronie’s Disease as well.  Since this disease can lead to erectile dysfunction, it’s definitely something you want to deal with as early as you can.  It can make sex painful, too, and women have said that having sex with a man who has a curved penis actually isn’t as good.  They have a more difficult time reaching orgasm because the penis doesn’t make contact with the G spot.

When it comes to dealing with Peyronie’s Disease, the first step is to discuss it with your doctor.  He may give you medication and prescribe a course of exercises or treatment.  Of course, if you own a Quick Extender Pro or want to use one, talk to him about this as well.  The Quick Extender Pro is designed to help correct curvatures of the penis, so you can deal with any unnatural curving while adding inches to your erection.

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