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Why Measuring Your Penis Can be Counter Productive

Every man compares himself to others.  It’s almost a natural reaction.  While penis size shouldn’t necessarily be a competition, most guys can’t resist seeing how they measure up to others.  However, a lot of time, measuring is counterproductive.  There are several different reasons why comparing yourself to another guy doesn’t help.

The first is that measuring by looking alone is very subjective and usually useless.  First of all, your view of another man’s penis is different from your view of your own.  Looking down, you’re not going to see your full length.  Even if you have a flat stomach, a part of your view is blocked.  Nothing’s blocked when you look at another guy, though.  Guys also have a tendency to see themselves a little smaller than they really are (unless the guy has a big ego).

Another problem with eye balling it is that guys usually compare flaccid penises.  Flaccid size doesn’t mean a thing.  This is because some men gain a lot of length with they get erect, while others don’t gain much at all.  Just because a man has a large flaccid penis does not mean that his erection will be much larger.  The only way to really compare is for two men to measure themselves when they are fully erect.

However, there are a few issues there, too.  Where do you measure from?  If both men don’t measure in the same way, it might not be a true comparison.  It’s also possible that one or both men will not be as erect as they would be when they are with a partner, so even if the measuring tools are the same, there is still some leeway.

Have you measured yourself against another man and felt like you were lacking?  The Quick Extender Pro is one way to add permanent inches to your penis.  Unlike some other types of male enlargement, the Quick Extender Pro is safe, effective, and truly adds length and girth.  You won’t find a better way of beating others in a measuring contest.

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